Samsung Chromebook Pro


Many of them have a negative outlook on Google’s Chrome OS ecosystem but with a new slew of hardware for 2017, a ton of major improvements to the OS and what it is capable of everyone has good reason to give Google’s OS another look.

Samsung Chromebook Pro is one of the best machines running Chrome OS. The $549 machine can and should be looked at as a flagship device that shows off the best this platform has to offer. Definitely, I can say it lives up to that. Here are five reasons why you should consider buying it.

Some of the best specs available on a Chromebook right now


Traditionally, Chromebooks don’t impress on paper. Most run on specs that would be looked down on compared to the rest of the industry. On Concord, the Chromebook Pro doesn’t follow the example. The Pro packs an Intel Core m3 processor and 4 GB of RAM as well as 32 GB of storage.

The specifications aren’t too far off from some models of Apple’s 12-inch MacBook and lots of mid-range Windows machines while that might not sound like a ton. Combine that with a super-lightweight OS such as Chrome OS. This makes for a very quick machine in everyday use.

It’s an ideal replacement for your tablet

Mostly the Android tablets are dead. The Chromebook Pro is an ideal piece of hardware for the new capability and Google drove that stake into the ground even further with the announcement that Chromebooks would be able to use Android apps.

The 2-in-1 design may be a bit thicker than most tablets. But, it works great thanks to the responsive touchscreen and optimizations made to the OS when in tablet mode.


The stylus is a fantastic addition

A stylus is also embedded within the machine and it’s ripped right out of a Galaxy Note device. Whether it’s for drawing, general navigation, or handwriting using the S-Pen really enhances the experience on the Chromebook Pro. It never needs to be charged that embeds itself directly into the machine and doesn’t cost anything else as it comes free in the box.

One of the best displays you can use on anything is the Chromebook Pro’s 12.3-inch QHD panel. This has a good display with solid colors, it gets very bright and dim, excellent touch response that makes it ideal for almost any scenario.


Battery life to get you through a day with great charging

Obviously, Battery life is important on a machine and definitely, Samsung delivers. Easily the Chromebook Pro can easily make it through a day so long as you aren’t draining it with dozens of tabs or a bunch of Android apps. This also includes USB-C ports either side of the machine to make charging easy.

Where to buy

The Samsung Chromebook Pro is available now for $549 from a variety of online and retail outlets. Few are listed here:

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