Russian AI ‘Vera’ is helping companies find candidates

Russian Vera Robot for Interviews

Some of the technologies that emerged now are very useful for all people, but it is noteworthy that in many technologies the security level is very low. Scientists have now discovered a robot that provides employment through the phone in Russia. Following this, Russian scientists received a number of different appreciation from all over the world and have discovered that this robot is only for interviews in 2017. Particularly, scientists have named this robot model Vera.


This robot Vera is interviewing up to 1500 people daily, especially this robotic model is created with sophisticated technologies and the robot model is based on artificial intelligence.

Selection Criteria:

Vera Robot, which will select the candidate as per the program code and now it is started call candidates by phone.

200 companies:

The robot model is based on artificial intelligence and the robot model is used by 200 companies in Russia. Especially it takes daily 5300 interviews are said to indicate that these robots choose 95% of the most appropriate and qualified person. In Interviews, this Vera Robot asks questions and check whether the answer said by the candidate is correct or wrong. More scientists have stated that all the people selected by this robot are the most effective candidates.


It is reported that Vera Robot model will speak in male and female voices, especially these robots won’t speak in an automated computer voice.


You just want to say the Vera robot designation of the job and it will use the computer to prepare interview questions through the Internet.

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