Hack or Reveal The Hidden Password Easily


There is a way to reveal the hidden password under the asterisk symbol. The web-browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and other browsers hide the passwords behind the asterisk symbol and we can easily view the saved passwords by using the built-in developer tools.

The Gmail login page on the web browser has auto-filled the username and passwords fields for the user. This is more convenient, since the user can login their account with a single click. All web browsers hide the password field under a symbol for the security reasons but there is an easy workaround that lets to convert those asterisks or symbols to the actual passwords and we don’t need any bookmarkelets or external utilities for this. This is same for all the pages like Gmail and other mails, social networking sites.

Follow the steps given below to reveal the hidden passwords under Asterisks:

Step 1:

Select the password under the asterisk symbol.


Right click on the selected passwords. Then select the “Inspect Element” under the options and click on it.

Step 2:

When we click the Inspect Element, a document inspector window will open. Now right click the word “password” to edit it. Then select “Edit Attribute”, now replace the word “password” with the word “text”.



Step 3:

After typing the word “text”, press enter. Now the user can see the password under the Asterisk symbol in words.


This method is suitable for all web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari.

While using Internet Explorer, press the F12 key. It will open the Developer Tools window. Then to activate the element selection mode, press Ctrl+B.