If you suffer from alcohol-related addiction or dependency on some other kind of substance, you may be contemplating your options. It’s natural to think about your addiction rehab options. However, it can be challenging to pick the right one. You must know what makes a rehab center worth it so you can select the best one.


What Kind of Treatments Do Residential Drug Programs Offer?

Medical Detox

A medical detox aims to cut-off the person from any substances he/she is addicted to. The idea is to also rid the system of substances present and keep it clean so that it’s easier to fight the cravings. During the detox, therapists prescribe certain medications to help with cravings. Medications make the whole experience a lot safer.

Individual Therapy

During individual therapy, a patient discusses his issues with a therapist. The idea is to get to the bottom of the addiction and understand what issues are triggering dependency on a substance. Therapists can then prescribe medication and also teach ways to cope with cravings.

Medication Management

Medical treatments work with other therapies and interventions to help the patient get over addiction. The medications used are approved by the FDA. Common medications used for treating drug-related issues are acamprosate, naltrexone, buprenorphine, methadone, etc.

Group Counseling

Group counseling works effectively in helping patients cope with their feelings of isolation. It also gives the participants a chance to share their life experiences, struggles, and success stories. Together they can learn about addiction and understand it better.

Skills-building Sessions

It’s easy to fall out of line even after you have recovered. That’s why skill-building sessions work to instill healthy coping skills so a patient can understand how the addiction works. It can help them to recognize signs of addiction early on. With proper skills, they can manage their cravings instead of giving into them.

Support Sessions

Sometimes to fight-off addiction, the patient needs to work with others and get their support. Common forms of support sessions include:

  • Family involvement
  • Recovery coaching
  • Sober housing
  • Ongoing counseling

Forms of Residential Treatment

Short-term residential treatment

Short term addiction treatment programs focus on providing brief but intensive interventions to overcome addiction. On average, they can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to months. Short-term residential programs often follow the 12-step approach. 

The approach is modified to fit the short-term intervention program before transferring the individual to a proper 12-step therapy combined with outpatient therapy. 

Long-term residential treatment

Long term addiction treatment programs are not as intensive as the short-term one; but they last longer. The patients are supposed to stay at the facility. Long-term programs follow an all-encompassing approach to tackle the addiction. This includes therapy combined with detox and instilling coping mechanisms. 

The treatment is supposed to offer long-term benefits. First off, the communal nature provides a sense of belonging and a healthy, growth-conducive environment. Patients learn and grow from each other by sharing their experiences.

This is a safe, and drug-free way of overcoming addictions.

Therapeutic communities

These communities offer treatment programs ranging from 6-12 months. The duration can be longer as well. The main focus of these communities is putting individuals in a social setting. 

They also work on developing healthy attitudes, constructive behaviors, self-concepts, and also teaching patients to take responsibility for their actions. It teaches them to set healthy boundaries and develop coping mechanisms so they can lead healthy, productive, and drug-free lives. 

Therapeutic communities are also designed for special types of populations such as white-collar workers, women, adolescents, homeless individuals, ex-prisoners, etc.

How To Choose a Residential Treatment Center

Not all programs are equal. Some may be better suited to your needs than others. For instance, some inpatient drug rehab centers might be lacking the necessary accreditations which is a stamp of quality. Some offer a medical treatment that may be necessary for the patient. Some offer longer residential programs combined with therapy work; if that’s your preference. 

Some have trained and qualified staff to handle patient’s needs. 

It all boils down to your preferences and what works best for you. As with anything else, you must evaluate your options and do some homework. Picking a rehab program is among the most crucial decisions so be sure you pick the right one.

Factors that Make a Good Residential Rehab

A multitude of treatment 

Different patients respond to different forms of therapies. Therefore, a good rehab center should offer the kind of treatment that meets a patient’s needs.

Thorough assessment 

Every individual is different. That’s why a good substance abuse treatment program starts with an assessment of the individual’s social, cognitive, physical, and emotional needs. Based on that, treatment should be designed. Also, it should be continually updated and reviewed with the person’s changing needs and progress.

Combination of therapies

Studies tell us that the most effective treatment follows a combination of psychotherapy and medication. Make sure your rehab center provides this combination.

Sufficient program duration 

An effective treatment program should be long enough to meet all the treatment goals. Too short of a program can fail to work on all aspects of a patient’s needs. The right duration ensures mental health and meeting of all social needs.

Ability to treat co-occurring diseases 

Often the reason for substance abuse is some undiagnosed mental health disorder. When substance abuse accompanies mental health issues such as depression or anxiety that’s when it’s called a co-occurring disorder. A good rehab center should have facilities to provide dual diagnosis treatment, to treat dual/co-occurring disorders.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this post will help you make an informed decision so you can get the best possible treatment in the healthiest possible environment.

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