Google Assistant on iOS is organizing your reservations

Google Assistant on iOS Reservations Section


Google has introduced a new feature for iOS users. With this new feature, you can track all reservations that Google Assistant users made before. The new feature has been introduced in the 7.26 version which is released in last month.

The Reservation section can be found on Account options in the Settings section of the Google Assistant app. If the user clicks the Reservation area, it will immediately open in a browser and provide us with the reservations details.

These details will appear on the My Account page in Google. The Reservation section will showcase the tours we have visited, the hotels and shows registered and the reservation details of the events we will attend.

For Google users, this information is being transmitted from their Gmail track. When describing the details of the flight, we will be able to find all the details, including the date of flight, the number, and the date of departure. If you want to know specific travel information, you can get the details of that particular travel information. Furthermore, this resource has been designed to help you know how it works. And from this section, there is also the feature to go to Gmail.

Furthermore, this feature is not yet available to Google’s Assistant users on the Android phone. It is not new to Google to introduce a feature only to iOS users. It is noteworthy that Google has previously provided only iOS users with the name as ‘Your Stuff’.

While Google does not offer this new feature to Android smartphone users for now, however, it is expected that Android fans will be able to get it very soon.

But at the same time, it is said that for the Android users it is designed to carry this feature in a different way. There are some precedents. Like iOS browsers feature (opening My Account page), Android users will feel this experience in a short time.

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