Delete your Email App with No Negative Results

Email app

On the appearance of email app, being connected 24/7 may look like a good idea. If you don’t reply emails fast that could stop when you are working on an important project. Maybe your friends are replying late at night and you don’t want to feel log out.

But there are different convincing arguments for why being continuous bind to your inbox is a dreadful idea. It is also not good for your health; to start it is not likely to raise your output.

Previously we had written extensively on email management. We know how to handle email overload, or how to write email scientifically great. All that advice is perfect when you work really. You may think that you could remove email app from your phone completely and keep the unread emails aside for tomorrow when you are out of the office.


The Pros Are Escaping Email

There is a reason for selling 7 habits of highly effective people books more because they provide a glance into the workflows of people who manages to attain more when compared to Average Joe. What’s more these workflows and habits could be simulated and cultured.

One habit that avoids stressful enemy, keeps gathering articles and books of like veins; email

Email app

In a podcast episode Tim Ferriss, who is a founder of wired and tech Oracle Kelvin Kelly declared much attractive email never be used. Business blogger Patt Flynn recruited an email assistant who could spend some time in his inbox as possible. Mathematics professor named Cal Newport has said to ban the email after completion of work. The verge writer pail Miller went offline for a year citing for one cause “the hamster wheel of an email inbox”. Comedian Aziz Ansari said Freakonomics Radio that he removes email due to “all that *** people email you about all day, all the time, nothing of that is important”.

The advice given here is that an email is a tool which intrinsically suppresses efficiency more than it supports it. So if all these people with more work on top avoiding email most of the day then why don’t we avoid at least when we don’t have work?

The Benefits Are Not value

The average worker daily receives overall 76 potentially legitimate emails. In that emails out of 76 emails, Do you think how many emails are so important and how many are unwanted? For the important it is compulsory to give reply when you are away from work hours? If you are sincere the answer is perhaps zero.

Email app


This is due to email covers itself like work, also it is usually not. But in 2015 Survey Reuters reported maximum U.S. workers spends 6.3 hours for checking emails in a day, out of that 87 percent people are watching their emails even their working is finished.  Repeat this work daily and you will be working 68 days per year in your inbox.

That’s over one year out of every six, gone.

If you check your emails one hour in a day then 5 days per week that means 10 days you will be losing in your life per year by checking these emails. If you want you can measure your email inbox.

In most of the cases, it is very safe to assume that small increment in productivity gets to profit from daily checking your inbox outside of work is not comparative to the time you will be lost by addicting to this. Ask this question to yourself –is it valuable to you?

Email is Damaging Your Health

In a recent survey which is held by Future work center in the UK advised that our addiction towards email inbox will be bad for our health in different ways.

Email app

Even as email can be a helpful communication tool, it creates stress or frustration for many of us. The behavior and habits of us make to send messages emotionally and these combine into a toxic source of stress those impacts negatively on our output and wellbeing.


Research published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology sustained this view, with Assistant Professor of Psychology at Northern Illinois University, Larissa Barber, grouping this “telepressure“.

“It’s like your to-do list is piling up, so you’re cognitively ruminating over these things in the evening and re-exposing yourself to workplace stressors.”

Those unwanted stressors mainly impact on your work like keeping you away from being a peak at your work. And also they keep you in an exhaustion state, so they work from next day without staying busy. It also gives to burnouttrouble sleeping, and lack of absence to your work.

Still, if we can’t stay away from these stressors at work, surely we should fix ourselves that we should not expose to unwanted stressors even after coming out from the office?

How to Avoid Email after Work

The basic issue with email is that we don‘t know what they are expecting of us. If anyone says we need immediate response what it mean really? If your manager responds immediately to an email that means you too should respond fast?

Email app

This uncertainty in email protocols may lead to bad habits of checking emails continuously, and dismissal of short-form emails with small worth back and towards all day, daily .This is due to no one is telling you regarding email what is expected.

That gives you freedom to set expectations by your own. The onus is used to draw boundaries that you may think they are desirable to give you enhanced work-life balance. There is so many ways to do this.

Ground Rules for After Work Email

First of all, let us think if you are not wish to go cold-turkey just till now. All you could need is simply practicing after-work email in self-confidence, right? In this type of situations, you should follow ground rules, like “I’m permitted you to check email either on laptop/desktop”.


Email app

The additional disturbance of being not able to check email while sitting on the sofa may help you reduce how many times you checked your inbox. Removing email app from your mobile surely helps with this.

If it not works, hide your email app inside a subfolder named hard-to –get-to on your phone so contacting it is more painful.

Otherwise, we have recommended mindful inbox checking instead mindful web surfing practice. When you are going to open your email app compiles yourself to stop. Check whether you are checking email beyond habit, or else there is a realistic reason for refreshing that screen. Then think yourself either it is the best way to spend invaluable after work time.

Beware of why and when you are checking your email inbox that decreases your time which spent in the inbox.

Eliminating After-Work Email

If the latest approaches are not working for you, then commit to a small micro-habit like “I don’t open emails on Saturdays” or “I don’t open emails in lunch break”. Practice this for few weeks , and see anything bad happens I think it won’t. If it happens well then you can keep on extending this habit over weekends, between the 2 hours of work, after Saturday and Sundays are weeks off etc.,

Email app

Before you are going to know it, you will be strongly influenced by yourself off of out –of work-email in general, and feel free to remove that app and also it removes your temptation.

To help with these trials, you should implement the following tips for peace of mind:

  • Before you are going to leave work, fix an after-work auto-responder, which allows people to know that don’t check emails when you are out of work as this helps you work better though you’re in the work zone. This eliminates any expectation for a speedy response, and if the request is urgent, the sender finds simply another solution.


  • Include information to your email signature allowing people know that you don’t have entered into email on your phone outside of work. The same benefits as above apply.
  • When you send emails during work hours, make clear to the recipient that you are not expecting a reply after work as you don’t check email then (but tell the recipient when you do expect a reply). This gives confidence to similar behavior throughout the organization and removes some of that “telepressure” from your friends.

Once you’ve set your own ground rules, the only thing stopping you from removing that email app from your phone is your addiction. It’ll be tough at first, but it’s worth it.

You will claim the olden days and weeks that wasted due to email. Your time spending with family and friends will be too less. You will sleep for more time and you will be having peaceful mind due to less utilization of email.

Make a trial for few days to check how it goes. If you can’t exit email completely outside of work, you have to set time for the maximum amount of time you can be in the inbox to help you to be away from constant checking.

If you are really honest with yourself then you could survive without checking email app constantly when you are out of work, even you set expectations with your friends?

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