Remove Spam And Virus Post

Facebook Post Virus

Firstly, what actually is spam and virus post? Spam is the unwanted content that includes pictures, messages, etc. displaying in your contacts on behalf if you. This mainly includes a bulk of messages being sent automatically, sharing or posting links to you and your friend’s timelines, sending friend requests to someone.

But how to get rid of this spam and virus post? See if your facebook account is sharing on spam over chat or posting, sharing spammy videos on your timeline, tagging your friends. Is your account sharing spammy links to your friends? Then no doubt your account has been attacked with spam and virus post. Don’t worry! This has become a very common issue for all those using Facebook. The spam might be anything like advertising videos, celebrity videos, and so on. If you click on that video or the link, then everyone has to be aware if your profile is posting spammy videos and messages. This may go wrong and let you fall into trouble. This results that your account is hacked.

If your account is hacked, then definitely the profile owner has committed an error. If you find this happening with your account, then your Facebook account has been trapped.

Now how to get out of this. The thing is you can’t delete your Facebook account because you may be connected with all your friends and known persons with that account. Then how will you let yourself out of this problem?

Simple! You need not worry about changing your account or deleting it or leaving it without using it anymore. No! Don’t ever take a wrong step to delete your Facebook account even if you feel that it is important. Though, you tend to leave it.

One of the methods to get out of this problem is nothing else to do more than changing your password. Yes! Just change your Facebook account’s password when your account is encountered to have a virus.

Change your Facebook Account Password

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account

Step 2: Click on “Settings” in your account

Step 3: In the general account settings page, click on the “Edit” option on the right side of “password” option.

Step 4: Now fill in the boxes provided as required (your current password and new password)

Step 5: After filling these, click on “save changes” option below.

Now you can log in to your Facebook account with the new password.

There are still several other reasons why your account gets hacked.

1. Facebook apps

A facebook application is a software that gets installed on your facebook account. It has access to only a few limited features depending on the permission you give to that particular application while installing it. If you have installed a spammy application unknowing, follow the below steps to remove it. But be careful before installing any application on your Facebook account.

Step 1: Open your facebook account and go to settings, at the left side of the page, click on the option called “Apps”.

Step 2: Now, a page appears with Apps, games, websites and plug-ins. Open the list and remove all the applications which you don’t have trust on. Click on “remove app” to remove them.

Step 3: You can see the list of applications which has access to your account. Not every application is bad. Click on the “x” icon on the right side of every application which you want to remove.

2. Share/Link Widgets:

Facebook has allowed many tools that allow users to share external websites or web pages on their account. You might also know about the “like” and “share” buttons that most of the webmasters put it on their web pages. Clicking on those buttons will redirect your page to be shared on the individuals’ facebook account. Sometimes, this results in sharing the virus or malware from the websites or web pages to your facebook account when shared. Know how to avoid/remove it.

Be aware if this is the kind of link this companion normally shares. If not, don’t click on it. In case you’re attracted to click on the link, first drift your mouse over the link and see the URL being linked. If there is no URL linked with that, then don’t tap on that link. Mainly, don’t tap on the link if you see .data in the link.

3. Browser extensions:

If you have installed a browser extension to your system then your account automatically send messages to other accounts. Here’s how to avoid this. As said before, be careful while downloading or installing any application. If at any time while clicking any link to install any software, it has to take the users’ permission before installing any app. If it doesn’t ask for a confirmation message, better don’t install that software application. If you have installed any malicious software extensions then remove it.

Follow below to remove a malicious extension.

Step 1: Go to the Google chrome browser settings

Step 2: Click on “Tools > Extensions”

Step 3: Select the extension which you want to remove and then delete it.

These are some of the other reasons that your Facebook accounts is hacked. So be careful with your applications when you are installing them. If you have found any spam and virus post on your Facebook account, follow the steps mentioned in the article to get yourself out of these problems.

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