Now you can delete Apps on Xiaomi Phones without Rooting

Xiaomi Smartphones Remove Apps


Xiaomi giving users a great user experience and OES are also provided with applications on their smartphones. But all the applications and features offered in the smartphone are not important for all users. For some users, some applications are used to perform a specific task. For example, most users like Gmail app, which is installed by OEMs and Google Calendar provided via Google inbox.

Keeping inappropriate applications on your smartphone makes users uncomfortable, occupying the memory space and draining the battery. To remove these applications from the Xiaomi Smartphones, it is a simple way to root the phone and remove it. But most users do not like to root the phone. Because it is a complex and dangerous operation.

But if most of the users do not know the phone rooting, most of the pre-installed applications cannot be removed or disabled. If you are using the Xiaomi Phone running through the MIUI, you can remove the installed G-Apps and MIUI applications installed on it. If you think of any application that you can not disable its functioning, it can be done by using the following instructions.

Step 1: Go to the Play Store and move to the right to open the menu. Select the help and comments section.

Step 2: Select Remove or Disable. In all phones, this choice cannot be asserted in the top position. To find this on some phones, you may need to roll down to the bottom.

Step 3: Select the tape to go to the application settings. When you do that, you will be taken to the list of installed applications.

Step 4: If you select G-Apps like Gmail, Google Play Music, and TV, you will get a choice that will make it disabled. Contacts, calendars, and other MIU applications can be disabled.

We must remember that all the applications which are installed already cannot be uninstalled. Only some applications on the phone can be uninstalled in these ways. If you use an MIUI phone, if you want to stop the functionality of some of the above applications, you can try these instructions on your phone.

Following this method, if you have your experience of uninstalling/disabling any applications, comment it below. It will be a great help to many others who use such phones.

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