Refrigerator Energy Efficient Tips

The refrigerator is among all home appliances, which runs 24/7 in 365 days and consumes more electricity compared to other home appliance products.

Usually, people don’t bother about saving electricity when you talk about a refrigerator. Everyone knows it runs 24/7 and it consumes the required electricity as per the model and size, which cannot be avoided.

This is what people think but actually, you can do many things to minimize the electric consumption of your refrigerator.

This article is all about how to make optimum use of your refrigerator and make it energy efficient.

I have discussed the top 10 best practices, using which you can not only save electricity but also make your refrigerator energy efficiency.

Every energy is saved, it’s created.

Importance of Refrigerator User Manual

Does it sound irritating, course yes? Most of us are confident and know how to operate a refrigerator but actually, it’s not.

We know partial information to operate or manage a refrigerator.

When you read the refrigerator user manual, lots of new information will come out which you never heard before.

Before using the refrigerator, read the user manual carefully, which will not only help you to understand how to operate it but also guide you about their functionalities.

Technically, all the refrigerator are not the same, they differ with their technical features.

Especially product warranty is one of the biggest hidden secret, which companies will never disclose.

In their advertisement they will say, the refrigerator has 10 years of warranty but actually they don’t cover for all the parts, its only for the compressor.

The user manual will give you more clarity about their warranty coverage.

For any issues, you should know if it’s covered under warranty or not.

Adjust Temperature Settings

Lower and medium range single door refrigerators come with a temperature adjustment nub.

This nub helps to adjust the refrigerator internal temperature whenever it’s required.

It is recommended to have the temperature settings in the range of 2.5 to 4.5 degrees centigrade and freezer chamber temperature range should be 15 to 17.5 degrees centigrade.

Read the user manual that comes with the refrigerator to understand the various temperature settings available in the refrigerator.

You can also directly call customer care to explore more details about the refrigerator settings; definitely, they will make you understand well.

Minimize Door Opening Frequency

When you open the refrigerator door very frequently that affect the cooling temperature and it needs to extract electricity to compensate the cooling inside the refrigerator.

When it’s opened for a long time that allows the exchange of air and make refrigerator internal temperature high.

In both situations, it adds extra stress on the refrigerator compressor to re-generate the cool air inside the refrigerator to maintain a standard required temperature.

Don’t Store Hot Foods

Hot cooked foods emit hot air inside the refrigerator that brings down the cooling temperature.

You should not keep freshly cooked hot foods inside the refrigerator that not only affects the internal temperature but also damage your food.

Again, it is an extra load on your refrigerator to maintain its standard temperature.

Allow the freshly cooked hot food to be cool down to normal room temperature and then you can store it in your refrigerator.

By practicing this, you can keep your food for a longer time and also there will be no extra load on your refrigerator.

Keep Your Refrigerator Filled

If you want to retain the cool air inside the refrigerator for a longer time, try to fill it up.

Never overload the refrigerator that might affect the cool airflow inside it.

When cool airflow circulates well, it keeps the food items fresh and longer time.

Switch to Energy Saving Mode

Most of the refrigerator has the energy saving switch, which is called power saving mode.

When you turn it on, it optimizes all the required setting and runs the refrigerator on power saving mode.

Before turn on the power saving mode, read the user manual carefully to understand the do’s and don’t’s

Today’s smart refrigerators have this option inbuilt and no manual intervention is required to optimize the settings.

It has smart arterial intelligence to understand the user behaviors, accordingly it usages the power saving modes automatically.

Refrigerator Gaskets Check

Did you ever notice a rubber tube that is attached to the refrigerator door?

If not check today, it helps to lock the door and protects cool air leakage and it’s called gasket.

How do you know if the refrigerator gasket is in good condition?

The process is very simple to check, close the door tightly on a plain paper and try to remove it. If it slides well then it’s time to replace it.

Defrost Regularly

If you have bought a manual defrost refrigerator then you should do manual defrosting periodically to avoid over accumulation of ice.

Regularly defrosting optimizes the refrigerator performance.

Buy Energy Efficiency Refrigerator

Now BEF mandates all the refrigerator manufacturer companies to have energy star rating levels on their refrigerators.

Energy Star Rating Levels helps to understand the consumption of electricity required by the refrigerator

Five Star Energy Level Refrigerator consumes less energy than one star.

If your budget permits go for five-star energy efficient refrigerators to save more energy.

Lock Refrigerator

Protect your refrigerator from your kids.

Kids always have the tendency to search for food stored inside the refrigerator.

So they always to try to open it and many time they do not close it properly.

Locking the refrigerator door helps in preventing kids to open it.


Implementing these small suggestions can bring your electricity bill down and save some money.

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