How to Fix a Computer Fan That’s Loud or Making Noise

Reduce Noise in Gaming Computers

It is well known that people who play a lot of computer games should definitely use the powerful CPU. However, there are some complications for games lovers.

There are many ways to play games with the best experience in removing those problems. Let’s see how to reduce noise in gaming computers.

Install noiseless fans

The only thing that creates noise in the computer is the fan. We all know that the fan is necessary to reduce the computer heat. But at the same time, the sound of the fan can affect our work. Fan’s sizes are typically available in 80 mm, 120 mm, 140 mm, and 200 mm. Use good quality and premiere fans which will reduce the noise but it will be a little expensive.

Install non-vibration fans

If a fan vibrates while running, it will create noise and trouble us. So you can buy and use anti-vibration fans. Even if the fan screw is not fixed properly, you might find noise in the CPU.

Use the Fan with the Speed Control

Using the Fan in Speed Control in the computer is actually a good experience. The CPU and motherboard can increase or decrease the speed of the fan according to the warmth. You can also change the speed of the fan according to data load and depend on the heat of the computer.

Buy Quiet Case Fan

Quiet Case Fans, designed specifically for the gaming computers which are available in the market. These types of fans are helpful to reduce the noise of the computer. These quiet case fans are available in many different standards. With the help of your quiet case fans, you can reduce your computer noise.

Change Parts of the Computer

If a computer has mechanical hard drives, CPU / GPU, and PSU, you might get more noise. If you use SSD for hard drives, the volume of the noise will definitely decrease. If processor and GPU are overheating, the sound will definitely be too much. To get rid of this sound, change or upgrade them.

Water Cooling

Water cooling is a little expensive, but it will reduce your computer’s sound. It’s a bit difficult to install. But if you do it correctly, you will get your new experience.

Install Cable Management

One of the main reasons for the sound in the computer is that it is made by cables. Cable managers, such as zip ties, velcro loops, and cable routing are greatly reducing the sound.

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