Data Recovery NTFS partition

Files are an integral part of our professional life and we definitely cannot afford to lose them at any cost. There are times when we completely rely on our drives to safeguard our documents without any backup. And, guess what? Sometimes, the drive ditches, and data loss situation occur. In that situation, you can obtain NTFS File Recovery Services.

Before we understand what NTFS partition is, let’s first try and understand the types of File Systems.  NTFS and FAT32 are the two File Systems. NTFS or New Technology File System is the file system that the Windows operating system uses to store and retrieve files on the hard disk. FAT32 is a much less advanced file system and doesn’t allow you to save even a single file that’s larger than 4GB. On the other end, NTFS File System allows you to save file of more than 4 GB in size. 

Common NTFS Scenarios

NTFS File system provides a combination of high performance, reliability, and compatibility that is usually not found in a FAT file system. NTFS is designed to perform many file operations such as read, write, and search with speed. It is also known for performing many advanced file operations with ease. A drive with NTFS results in various system files such as MFT – Master File Table, Bitmap, Log file and so on. These all contain information about the other files and folders on the NTFS volume. The first information on an NTFS volume is the Partition Boot Sector. This sector starts at 0 and can reach up to 16. This file basically describes the NTFS information and the location of the main metadata file.

NTFS Partition: Cases to lost data

Due to its high performance, NTFS is used widely. It creates partitions in the hard drive to store data.  Many a time, in some unforeseen circumstances, we face partition loss. The reason for this may be many. However, recovery of the data deleted from the NTFS partition is possible. Let’s have a look at the reasons that lead to Partition data loss and the preventive measures that we can employ to avoid such situations. Moreover, we shall also delve into the ways to recover data from NTFS partition if we find ourselves stuck up in such situations.


Partition loss may occur due to many reasons. A few important ones are:

  • Improper use of the computer system or due to a virus attack, the hard disk gets damaged or corrupted. This leads to partition data loss.
  • Frequent power failures damage the partitions.
  • Neglect in storage, transmission or processing also results in data loss.
  • Sometimes, bad sectors are formed in the hard drive that damages the Partition.
  • Sometimes, the data gets accidentally deleted while scanning and cleaning the hard drive.

Preventive Measures:

Data loss due to Partition loss is not a rare occurrence. But it can sometimes become tedious and troublesome to recover data through software. To avoid any further hassle, it’s better to take preventive measures. The best option is to have an external data backup that copies the entire data on the system.

Though reasons for data loss may be any, it makes your data inaccessible. This becomes a cause of worry. The partition may go missing but the data still lies there. Let’s understand what measures can help us recover the data deleted due to partition loss.

How to recover data deleted from an NTFS Partition:

There are several ways by which we can try to recover lost data from a corrupt Partition. Few of them are:

  1. Efficient and Powerful Data Recovery Software

    A powerful data recovery software can be your savior when you encounter data loss due to a missing NTFS partition. There are several Data Recovery Software available in the market. You can recover MS word, excel, photos, music, videos, and other files from your lost or deleted or formatted NTFS partition with the help of file recovery software. But our priority would be the one that is efficient and powerful in recovering complete data. User-friendly software makes the recovery task more convenient.

  2. Professional Data recovery services –

    A professional and a distinguished Data Recovery Service Provider is a solution to your data recovery needs. It is possible to recover partition to restore data from any deleted, damaged, changed or lost NTFS file system. NTFS file recovery can get back all the lost files with simple commands such as undelete, unformat, or recover partition. You no longer have to be worried about your important files even if you have accidentally formatted your drive. Thanks to the technological advancements that have made our lives simpler. But all this is made possible with the assistance of professional data recovery services. They provide a complete and comprehensive way to recover the lost data from an NTFS partition. Stellar Data Recovery is a trusted brand in this domain. It has well-trained experts that help you recover data. 

Bottom Line

A data recovery software or in most cases, a service provider for data recovery is the solution to your data recovery needs. Based on your needs, you can choose any of them to achieve your goal. Stellar Data Recovery is that one-stop shop that can provide you with all your needs. The company boosts of having the best trained and experienced technical experts and the best professional services.

Author Bio – Sapna is a technical blogger and has been writing since 3 years. She is into technology and writes tech based stuff. Her aims to provide knowledge to simple users by sharing tips and tricks about new technologies, DIY and Data Recovery Services.