How to create a slow-motion video?

How to record slow motion video on any Android smartphone

While there are many applications and software to record slow motion video on your smartphone, the only some video apps offer useful and more features. Motion Video Editing Apps is generally helpful to create the best videos. Nowadays there are various performance and technological advances in smartphones. In many of the smartphones, videoshop applications are used to record Slow Motion Video.

VideoShop App:

Videoshop Apps can usually be used on all Android smartphones. And you can create a video easily as you thought. You can decide for yourself the speed of the video clip and also do editing. It also has the necessary audio editing facility.

Google Play Store:

First, you need to download the “VideoShop” app in the Google Play Store and then install the app to use it(once these apps are opened, it will ask you to register or import a video).

Download Videoshop in Google Play Store

Then tap the “Album” button that has been given in the app.

Video Editing:

VideoShop Album Feature

You need to open the video using the album feature. After that, you need to edit the clip in the album.

Select video from the videoshop gallery

Drag the “Speed Control” button to the next screen from 1 to 0.3X (drag from left to right).

Speed Control in Videoshop

After that, you can edit the video by adjusting the arrow keys to add the slow motion.

record slow motion video

Once you have edited the video, tap the “Done” button in the upper right corner of the application. Then press the Next button again.

Finally, tap the “Share” button and then select “Gallery” in the pop-up menu. Save your video in it.

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