Alarm To Protect Laptop Theft


Now-a-days most of the people are using Laptops. They have to keep their Laptops very safe. At sometimes, they may miss it, due to their carelessness. The free software called ALARM Utility Tool is very useful when we miss our Laptops at office or public places. This software helps to save the Laptop from being stolen. But it works on one condition; the laptop must be plugged in with power when it is left by the user.

When anyone unplugs the laptop from power charger, it will play a warning noise very loud using its speakers. It will continue the sound, until the power in not connected again.

The ALARM is the best tool to protect Laptop theft . For e.g. When a person left his Laptop alone for a minute and somebody has unplugged the Laptop and he is attempting to make a run, the ALARM starts crying, probably the thief and laptop will be caught.

How to use the ALARM tool on the Laptop:

The user has to download the ALARM utility tool to their Laptop. After downloading, install it.

During installation process, the user has to select all the install options.


Once the installation process is completed, run the ALARM tool from the system tray. Then left click on the icon of ALARM tool in the system tray. This used to launch properties. Don’t right click on it, it will be closed.

The main interface of the ALARM tool is very simple and it allows the user to set the sound in any format like MP3, WAV file for making the warning sound or they can leave with the default sound.



The ALARM tool also provides its functionality of work only when the Laptop has been locked by its user. So it is not a problem when its own user performs surfing or likes to unplug the laptop by them.