Prisma on Android


Prisma, which is a popular photo editing app, that was restricted to ios, is now available on Android. Now you can download the app free from the playstore.

Prisma had started   servicing beta app for the last week, and now the app is obtainable for all to download on their Android smartphones. Prisma is app that filters the photos by editing, and it uses great artist’s paintings like van Gogh, Edward Munch, Levitan, Picasso, and Piet Mondrian, as well as it is used to group different textures and elements, to make the image like a unique painting.

Users find 36 filters to choose from, with the UI being very significant to Instagrams UI. Also, there are not several differences between Android and iOS version of the app. Users can select image and they can edit that, or else can use the image which has already saved in the gallery and play with it.


The filter adds more features to overall image that makes the original image to look very different. Surely you have to play with some more filters to get the perfect fit, because every filter creates its different impact on the image.

Using the paintings as a filter also uses the vibrant colors of the element on the original image. Prisma uses both the neural networks and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to convert pictures into artworks. The AI helps to indicate the content on the image which helps to combine textures and elements consequently.

The filter application may take more, but once it is finished, users have the chance to choose either save it to the gallery or share it with different social platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, etc.,


As per reports by Next Web, First Prisma is available on iOS and became an instant success with about 10.6 million downloads and over 1.55 million active users.

As Prisma is not only one app which permits you to such abilty, it is by far the easiest app for using to create such artistic photos.

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