The business world has undergone tremendous transformation. Printing needs and technology have changed to create a whole new experience. The major concern for business owners today is how to get their work printed at a low cost and without increasing their carbon footprint. Owners of print service businesses have a huge task of offering high-quality prints in the most cost-efficient method possible. Here’s the printing industry outlook for 2020 and beyond.

Printing Industry

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3D printing

There’s potential that 3D printing is going to penetrate various sectors. The process involves creating three-dimensional items from digital files. Creating a 3D object requires additive processes involving layering down material in successive layers. Each of the layers is seen as a thin slice of the object cross-section. Various processes that were intricate during 2D printing are now simple with 3D printing. Some of the industries utilizing 3D printing include aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, education, and robotics. There’s great hope that it will soon penetrate other sectors.

Printing technology expertise

The printing industry relies heavily on technology to handle the modern digital printing processes. So, there are various careers such as printing press operators, prepress technicians, and graphic designers. Printing is now possible on various materials such as plastic, metal, clothes, wood, and glass. Doing this requires specialized knowledge in the appropriate printing and graphics technology. Increasing computerization in the printing industry means that only those with skills in digital printing applications, online marketing, and digital press operators.

Online printing services

With escalating costs of production, business owners are always looking for ways of cutting costs. A popular option is to rely on custom printing services online . This eliminates costs of hiring an in-house designer, printer purchase cost, and relegated maintenance costs. Additionally, outsourcing printing to an online service provider ensures reliability and downtimes in business operations.

Professional printing companies ensure to handle all orders to avoid annoying their customers. And, these use the best equipment to produce quality prints to exceed customer expectations. Online printing services also save a lot of time. There’s no need to wait for the in-house designer to handle the work or to pick supplies for the printing equipment. Online service providers are ever ready to handle customer orders without fail.

Security printing

Every business handles confidential information including salary details, staff tax information, medical records, termination papers, and legal documents. Regardless of the nature of business, handling such information is at risk of theft by criminals. Business owners have a responsibility of protecting business documents and staff records from identity theft. This is creating a great demand for security printing comes.

This involves offering tools for handling confidential information in business. Secure printing software manages how to transfer and produce sensitive information. Users require proof of authorization to produce confidential documents. This eliminates the chances of the document ending up in the hands of unauthorized personnel.

Cloud printing

With cloud printing, business owners can have their work printed to a connected printer from any device connected online such as a smartphone or computer. Apart from making the printing process not geo-restricted, there’s no need for driver installations. Cloud printing  allows business owners to carbon footprint by eliminating waste and carbon emissions during transport of printing materials. Besides, there’s no need for a business to invest in IT servers, cables, software updates, space, and technicians.

Inkjet print remains supreme

The introduction of modern printing methods won’t make inkjet printing absolute. Printing with inkjet printers is cheaper and fast. Besides, inkjet printers are sheet-fed or roll-fed today. Digital printing technology is also enjoying solutions offered by inkjet printing. The use of eco-tanks on Epson printers eliminates the need to spend on replacing cartridges and eliminates the hassle of refilling. Other game-changing innovations in the inkjet printing industry include white ink and t-shirt printers.

Inkjet printing is for all seasons for its agility and flexibility by allowing flexibility to customer orders. Besides, businesses can print only what the customer demand promote efficiency in the production process. Introduction of high-performance printers that offer reliable and high-quality prints allow single-pass printing. Inkjet printing is sustainable and prints on delicate irregular items. Printing only what is required eliminates production redundancy.

Erasable printing

Finally, with businesses looking for solutions to lower expenses, the introduction of erasable printing solutions is a game-changer. Toshiba launched the e-STUDIO3508LP printer with the capacity to erase paper to allow reuse up to four times. This erasable printing technology allows deletes information on plain or treated paper. Alternatively, the information on the paper disappears after a particular period to allow reuse.

Bottom line

Printing service providers have to equip themselves with knowledge of what the future holds for the industry. Understanding this allows formulating strategies that allow the business to thrive. Online printing service providers are always ready to handle orders without geo-restriction and regardless of printing requirements.


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