Mobile phones play a major role in this current world. But still connection between mobile phones and printer has become weak. To overcome this difficulty DropBox is used. DropBox is used for printing documents from mobile phones to printer without any additional hardwares.


  1. Print Files Using Dropbox  follows the below steps:
  • Download dropbox from its website and install in your system which is connected to the printer.
  • The documents from mobile can be printed using 2 ways. The first option is , the user can download a dropbox application on their mobile. Applications are available for iphones, blackberry, ipad,nokia, windows phones , android .
  • The second option is, the user can upload the files to dropbox using their mail.
  • Download the zip file And double click on “eprint.vbs” file. Now automatically two sub folders called “printqueue”  and “logs” will be created in dropbox folder.  Print queue folder is used for maintain all the printing files and logs folder is used for archiving the printed files.
  • Now send the document from mobile to your mail id or upload the file through dropbox mobile application.
  • A hard copy of the document is printed instantly.
  • It can also handle multiple files simultaneously at one time.


2.If the user wants to write the script by own, then follow the steps:

  • Inside your dropbox , Create a folder called “printqueue”.
  • Choose “folder actions” as the template after launching “automator”.
  • Under “folder action receives files and folders added to “, select printqueue.
  • Inside automator , select “print finder items” and drag it to the work flow. Then selct the printer name.
  • When the user wants to send any doc from mobile phone to printer connected to mac , save the relavant file to the printqueue folder on the dropbox account.
  • Now automatically it will open Mac using the associated application. It will print the document and then save it to the trash.