Here there are some ways to prevent Wi-Fi theft from your neighbours.


If any of your  neighbor is stealing your wireless Internet, you can find easily and stop prevent wi-fi theft

  • When you are using the Wi-Fi means the data LED of your wireless router will blink.
  • If the data LED is blinking constantly but when we are in offline, someone outside is stealing your Wi-Fi network.
  • They will surf the web using your Wi-Fi without your knowledge.
  • Then also to find who is using your Wi-Fi, enter your router’s IP address it the address bar of the browser
  • Then open these commands

Status -> Local Network -> DHCP Server for Linksys routers. This command is to open the DHCP Client table. Using this you can find the list of devices connected to your wireless network. This shows also the strangers who are using your network.


            To prevent theft follow some of the well-known techniques. In the sameway one cannot block their Wi-Fi signals from reaching their neighbour’s house.

Make your Wi-Fi passwords strong:

If anyone is entering to your Wi-Fi, they have to enter the password .If you set your password very strong, then it becomes difficult for someone to hack that. It takes thousands of years to crack the password when it is strong

But don’t forget your password, then it becomes difficult even for you!!!

Use strong network encryptions:

The network encryption includes Three types. They are

    WEP(Wired Equivalent Privacy)

  1. The WEP is the basic encryption. When the WEP is used, many tools can be cracked easily.
  2. Moreover, this is an outdated one.
  • WPA(Wi-Fi protected Access)

WPA  encryption is supported mostly on post-2004 routes.Here setting strong password is the only way to prevent hacking.

  • WPA2

As the name indicates this the 2nd version of  WPA.

  • A WPA2 is a secured encryption method and using long alphanumeric password is the only way to get complete protection.
  • This type of encryption is found only in post-2006 routers.
  • It is better to prevent the theft when you stop using WEP and start using WPA or WPA2

Using SSID names with scary words:

          The SSID names  are the names where the people can see while entering the connection. When you give scary SSID names your neighbor will scared to connect your network.

For example,

SSID:  useless_Wi-Fi, virus.exe, Police_Surveillance_van

These names may provide chances for you to stop the theft. However, the theft is a geek(digital technology expert ) then he would realize that is the scary SSID name and he may start using the connection. But it provide chances for your non-geeky neighbours to stop using your network. 

Find the MAC Address of your devices           

      The MAC Address is listed inside the Client Table of your router.

You can find using this option,

Type “ipconfig/all” at the command prompt.It will provide the MAC Address of your computer’s network card.You just look the string “Physical Address”.

Some routers like especially Linksys,etc allows you to use MAC  whitelist. When we whitelist the MAC address, the only devices MAC Address that are mention in the whielist can be connected using your Wi-Fi.

However, there are ways to change your MAC Address but this is a rare case.

Note: If  there is no option in your router to set up a MAC whitelist/blacklist/filter, it may not support using whitelist. If you want more details about wifi theft go this link wifi steal