Billions of people in the world had been desperate by deadly disease cancer. Before some years many people were dying for it. Still, more people dead by cancer.

Some people claims that as medicines are found for treatment if the person found symptoms at early and it will be cured by natural treatments.

In that sense, Russian Scientist Mermerski discovered cancer drug by using simple kitchen items. Read the following to know about that.

Remedy for Cancer

The most famous Russian Scientist in the world Mr. Hiristo Mermerski found a powerful drug for cancer. The Specialty of the drug is anyone can prepare from their kitchen items.

Power of Medicine:

Remedy for Cancer

This drug will cure cancer and also it strengthens the immune system of the body, improves the functioning of brain, Cleans liver, kidney, blood vessels and improves heart health.


Remedy for Cancer

Lemon – 15

Garlic – 12 pieces

Honey – 1Kg

Walnuts – 400grams

Sprouted Wheat – 400 grams

Preparation of Sprouted Wheat:

Remedy for Cancer

Put the wheat in water, close the lid of a bowl and let it soak for 12hrs (overnight). After that, filter the water and wheat should be washed well. Then put in a bowl for 24hrs and then wheat will get sprouted.

Preparation of Medicine:

Remedy for Cancer

Put walnut, garlic, sprouted wheat and grind it well. Take 5 lemons and cut into pieces then grind it well like a paste. Mix lemon paste with the wheat mixture. Take the juice of remaining lemons and mix it well with mixture. At the end, mix the honey with the mixture and put in a jar. Now keep it in the refrigerator for 3 days.

How To Use:

Remedy for Cancer

Professor Mermerski recommends, take 2 tablespoons of this mixture before a meal and before sleep at night.

Method for Those who have Cancer:

Remedy for Cancer

Scientist says if there is cancer take 2 tablespoons for every 2hours this will increase the power of the body to fight the cancer cells found in cancer and can escape from cancer.