Power Bank That Need Not Be Charged


As the smartphones are getting slimmer and slimmer over its development, the battery also gets reduced in its size. So they might be having either more power capability or less. More usage of the mobile leaves the battery drain quickly. While buying a smartphone, the first and foremost specification that we wish to have is the lithium ion battery. When you are out and you come to know that your smartphone battery is draining, you will need a power bank to charge the battery.

Well, you may often use Power banks to charge your phones. But at the outset, you need to charge your power banks. Then, the charge can be transferred to the smartphones through USB cables. Now, there’s a new power bank that need not be charged. This is possible now, with the PocketPower”.

The PocketPower comes with four solar panels that can endlessly charge your smartphone battery. A brilliant feature about this PocketPower is it directly charges your device with the solar power. So, this says that there’s not at all any need to charge the power bank under any circumstances.

Solar panels are the easy and the best choice to charge a device. Do you why? All that you need for a solar panel to work is only the sunlight regardless of the weather.

The PocketPower is very slim with the panel being 2mm thick and flexible too. It is allowed to fit in four solar panels into the lean frame. The PocketPower is extremely light weighing just 200 grams. And the best thing about the PocketPower is that its panel can take on rain, snow, and sand.

The PocketPower has a foldable design that allows you to keep it out anywhere on a surface. You can even strap it on your backpack so that it gets charged automatically on the go. Using this PocketPower is as simple as a normal power bank. You can just plug-in one end of the USB cable to the PocketPower and the other end to your device.

power bank

The following are the specifications of the PocketPower:

Technical Specifications Of PocketPower Power Bank

Rated Power 6.4w
Output Voltage 5v
Output Current 1.3A
Unfold Size 397 x 142 x 2mm
Folded Size 101 x 142 x 15mm
Product Weight 200g
Working Temperature 20°C to 70°C
Output Type USB 2.0
Voltage Regulator Parameter 5V Voltage Regulator
Certificate CE RoHS FCC

Now it is simple with this PocketPower to charge your device anywhere and take it with your irrespective to the weather. So you may buy a PocketPower for you to help you charge your device without getting the power bank charged anymore.

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