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With the increasing condition of unemployment in India, Narendra Modi government is planned for creating new job opportunities. It can be estimated that the employment condition has increased greatly in the year 2016. During March 2016, the government has created 412,752 vacant posts and it constitutes to almost 11% of the total of 3.6 million government employees employed in different departments. By creating the job opportunities, it would actually help most of the youth throughout the country. The job opportunities have been created in most of the department and some of the departments are also organizing an entrance examination for the recruitment of the candidates.

How much employment is created on a yearly basis?

As per statistics, it can be said that every year, an approximate value of 17 million people are being employed in private and government department and out of that only 5.5 million jobs have been created. Further it can be expected that the rest of government would look after the job opportunities for the rest of the unemployed group. Some of the recruitment procedure also takes place via different agencies and one such is the staff selection commission and public service commission. The examination takes place in various levels and once the candidates qualify for the preliminary phase, they can appear for the mains examination. Some of the examinations are followed by an interview, group discussions and typing test and it varies from different posts and examinations. One such examination is IAS which is followed by preliminary and mains examinations before the candidate qualifies for the examination. Besides, it has also been estimated that 44.9 million unemployed people have registered with employment exchange during September of 2015. In this relation, ILO or International Labor Organization has observed the worst conditions and an increase in unemployment from 18.6 million during 2018 to 18.9 million in 2019. This estimated number did not tally with the with the government’s promise of creating 10 million job opportunities.

How is the scenario of unemployment reviewed by the Modi government?

Resulting from this, the government is slowly releasing the enormity of the unemployed problem in the country which is most prevalent among the rural candidates. After the result of the economic survey last month, Arvind Subramaniam, who is the chief economic advisor reevaluated the labor reforms, looked after increased expenditure in infrastructure and therefore, created a productive environment in order to enhance the condition of job creation in the country. With all these promises, it can be expected that the unemployed condition would progress in the coming few years.

According to the official report, it can be said that more than three million job opportunities have been created and this figure is much higher than has been reported by independent agencies. In this relation, Rajiv Kumar, who is the vice-chairman of Niti Aayog is of the opinion that the number of job opportunities created by the government has been projected wrongly by most of the private institutions. Some government officials are further of the opinion that rather than being a crisis, they wish to see this as a challenge in improving the employment condition throughout the country. Several job opportunities have been created, and vacancies are found for IAS exam.

In between September 2017 and February 2018, 3.11 million jobs have been created by Modi government. The CMIE or Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy is a research firm that monitors economic and business data. According to the reports of this firm, it is observed that 1.8 million jobs have been created during the year 2017 and it is only a small fraction of what the government has actually claimed. Several competitive examinations against vacancies have also been created, and the job seekers who fulfill the eligibility for appearing in IAS examination can sit for the same.

Unemployment during the initiation of the Modi government

During the initiation of the Modi government, it promised to create almost 10 million job opportunities for the unemployed. The disastrous condition of unemployment can result in some effect during the upcoming elections. In addition to this, the World Bank has created almost 8.1 million jobs in order to maintain the employment rate of the country.

There has been an argument against government findings in the increased scale of the number of employment and considers only the organized sector. Among the total job opportunity created in India, the formal sector only forms up to 15% as has been estimated by Mahesh Vyas who is the managing director of CMIE.

Wrapping it up

During the year 2014, when the Narendra Modi government came into being, Ministry of Labor and Employment, job opportunities have doubled as per the information of employment exchange. Further, the Modi government is worried about the fact that near about 85% of the people listed under employment exchange have not declared their employment status. Also, the number of unemployed youth seeking employment has rapidly increased from 3 million during 2015 to 6 million in February 2018. The number of youths registered in the list of the job seekers belongs to the age group of 18 to 34 years. It is a combination of 14 million women and 26 million men job seekers who are in search of a job for their livelihood.

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