According to the many photostick mobile reviews, it is a must-have for everyone in these times. Why should you bother yourself purchasing one for yourself? It is due to the many features that it has which might just be what you are looking for your mobile phone.

All you need to know about photostick mobile phones

Here are some of the greatest features that might attract you to the photostick mobile:

  • Easy to access and very convenient: Unlike the backup on the cloud, the photo stick does not require that you have software that is complicated for it to work. It is a device that is a hit and goes. All you have to do is to download the app which is free on google play or App store and then go to the backup files button.

There will be no need for you to create an account or to have to select the files you want to upload manually. If you are an iOS user, then you can use the iPhone’s Photostick Mobile which will allow you to be more productive.

Instead of having to wait until the computer completes the file backup process, you will only need to plug in the photo stick mobile into your phone, ensure the files are backed up and you will be done. There is no hassle and no requirements of having to wait for several minutes.

  • A small stick that has a powerful memory: This powerful stick can safely store about 60000 videos and photos. Though feather-light, this storage stick has a memory capacity that is heavyweight.

It is available in different capacities which include for the Android and iPhone, the 32GB photo stick. But in case that is not enough for your use, then you can go ahead and pick the 128GB storage.

There is no need for you to worry about the storage full message which at times is annoying because this particular tool will be able to save photos and give you access to them at any time.

  • Capabilities of offline: When backing up your videos and photos, there is no need for you to have internet for it to happen. This device is an iOS flash USB drive that is compatible with tablets, Android and iPhones. So no need for a Wi-Fi before doing your backup. All you need is to plug in and you are good to go.
  • No monthly bills or subscription: To do a similar thing which is done by the PhotoStick Mobile, you will require at least $10 or more on a monthly basis or else, your device will not work and you will lose your photos. Plus such devices will not give you an opportunity to delete any duplicates that you accidentally make.

And while you are switching to such services, chances are you might lose several photos in the process. But when it comes to the PhotoStick Mobile, you will only pay for the device itself when you are purchasing it and no other charges. That is why it might come in handy when you are searching for a precious gift for a dear friend or family member.

Why should you choose a PhotoStick Mobile over other devices?

PhotoStick Mobile is a product that has several advantages. And though it is not perfect, it does a great job which might just be a good value for your money and ensuring that you end up with a superb product that will be easy to use. These advantage include:

  • A product which is accessible: The product is constructed to be used by even people who are not computer savvy. Its design which is simple makes it hide so many technological features that are very impressive, making the product a great device for personal storage.
  • Storage space: If you get one that has a single terabyte, it will be able to hold thousands of photos and other kinds of files. It will be hard for you to fill up space on this device and you will never run out of storage space with it. In case you feel that the 32gigabyte is small, then you can as well go for the 64 gigabytes, you will indeed be spoilt for choice.

Getting to know the difference between the PhotoStick Mobile and PhotoStick

Mostly, you will find the PhotoStick being used on Mac and Windows for video and photo backup. But for the PhotoStick Mobile, you will use it also on the iOS and Android devices. Both have different purposes, serving the user in various ways that are unique for each device. But on the overall, both of them will serve the purpose of ensuring that you have enough space to utilize in storing your image backup without encountering storage issues. The PhotoStick mobile is convenient, easy to use and worth its price.

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