Best 5 Photo Editing Apps

When we take a snap, photo editing is more important than taking a photo. Most of the people give preference for editing. So we have given top Photo Editing Apps to those people who love photo editing. You can see all the apps and you can use whatever you want.

1) Adobe Photoshop Express

Editing App

When some people ask if a platform has a good photo editor, what they mean is does it have a version of Photoshop. In Android’s case: yes! Adobe Express isn’t a fully ported version of the ubiquitous desktop version, but it provides enough tools to easily tweak photos on a touchscreen.

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2) Aviary

Editing App

Like Instagram, Aviary offers creative filters to perk up your pedestrian image. And like Snapseed, it also lets you fine-tune them with controls for brightness, contrast, colors cropping, and more. It doesn’t include its own photo social networks like Instagram, EyeEm, or BeFunky. But it does make sharing to the popular networks—Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr—a snap. Like a lot of photo apps, you can buy more advanced photo-enhancing effects as in -app purchases.

Aviary’s business model is more about providing lightweight photo editing capabilities to other tech companies through an SDK (software developer kit) than building their own apps.And they’ve been successful at this, counting as clients such heavyweights as Box, Walgreens, and even the top online photo site, Flickr. But iPhone users can take advantage of the company’s capable, clearly designed photo editing features without having to muck about with an SDK, by installing this excellent iOS photo editing app.

Compared to Photoshop Express, Aviary used to feel more playful. Not so anymore. The interface consists of grays and whites that fit it well alongside Adobe’s other products. That said, I’d call it an improvement that looks right at home on devices running the latest version of Android.

3) Snapseed

Editing App

Snapseed is a great photo editing app created by the respected software developer, Nik Software Inc., which is a popular plugins manufacturer for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

With the app, you can easily enhance and transform your photos using its incredibly advanced features like auto -correct, selective adjust, and tune image feature.

The Auto Correct feature enhances colors, exposure, and contrast in a single tap. The Selective Adjust feature lets you highlight and focuses specific objects or areas and the Tune Image feature tweaks brightness, shadows, white balance, saturation, and other effects.

Other features of Snapseed include frames, texture and tone adjustment, sharing via email, and more.

Snapseed used to be a costly app, but since Google acquired Nik Software, Snapseed is now free of charge and has been integrated with Google+.

4) Pixlr Express

Editing App

Pixlr Express is one of the most powerful photo editing app developed by Autodesk Inc and is available for free. This app lets you quickly crop, resize, and fix any picture, remove red-eye, and whiten teeth.
It has enough tools for power users too, coupled with Photoshop-like effects such as pencil, poster, halftone, water color, sketch, among others.
Pixlr Express is equipped with a lot of interesting features. You can create a photo collage with so many cool effects, such as focal blur, denoise, and more. Its Auto Fix feature is the most interesting as with just one click the app automatically adjusts brightness, color, exposure, contrast, etc.

5) Pixlr-o-matic

Editing App

Pixlr-o-matic is a fun photo editing app that comes with a variety of effects, filters, borders, and overlays. This app is best known for its variety of photo filters. With its three categories of photo filters, light filters, and photo frames, Pixlr-o-Matic allows you to completely transform your images.

The only negative things are its effect applying approach. The app won’t let you apply more than one filter from each category which you can workaround by saving the photo and load again. But, it’s still a good photo editor and doesn’t bother you with any kind of ads. These are the apps

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