How Much Does Google Really Know About You?

Google Search


Whether you want to find a meaning of a word or answer to a question, to find a particular address, or any doubt, we all do the same thing – Google search. We can say like that there is no day without Google search in our life. Google made the benefits of the Internet in simple ways. Unfortunately, how many of us know terrible things happening around us. There are complications and problems that we have to fear of Google. If you know all this, you will be hesitant to do the next time Google.

IP address and other personal information

Google has answers to all kinds of questions. Google knows you and us too. One of the greatest servers in the world, Google’s servers, saves your IP address, and other personal information are also very shocking.

Google will store your information just as long as there is no problem. Google will certainly not be concerned about your secure information if Google falls in the worst possible situation since it does not has the most intimidating business competition.

Revenue Generation

Google is not a service company as most of us do. Google is not just like other companies, but it’s more commercial. The principle of Google is to make more money. Although it is a search engine, its 97 percent income is from Google advertisement.

Mobile data collection

Mobile Data Collection

Google Maps (Google Maps) uses anonymous cell phone data from your mobile for LiveTraffic. That means Google displays unknown mobile data collections. This is a legal offense if a person makes it, and Google made it is a service business.

Fake cities

Fake Cities

This is the worst thing to be. Complaints occur occasionally in Google Maps about some fake cities. Such allegations are simply unlikely. So, why do we find fake cities in the most popular Google Maps? There is no point in whether it is visualized or hidden.

Can we erase it?

Okay, can we do anything that Google collects about us? Is there a way to destroy it? If you ask these questions – the answer is somewhat possible. You can build certain dominions against Google, including Google History, Google Search, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, and Google Data. Ok, how to do it?

Delete all history

Google Location History

Google tracks you whenever you use Google Maps. Go to this site to clear it and you can delete your information by clicking on the “Delete All History” button.

Google Search

Google My Activity

For Google, it’s no use to destroy your browser search history on your smartphone or computer. Go to this link Settings and then Remove items and destroy from the beginning of time.

Google Ads

Google Ad Settings

As stated earlier advertising is the main source of Google revenue. Obviously, your information is sold to advertisers. To opt out of your personal information to advertisers, go to this link and choose the opt-out settings option and click on the opt out of interest-based ads on Google.

Google Data

Apps with access to your account

Some Internet services will ask you to log in to your Gmail account. As you do so, you do not know how many sites have your name and email address to use your Gmail account. Click on this link to learn about the registration of the websites you registered with your email address.

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