Mathematics is a strong instrument to order our life and prevent chaos in global understanding and communication. Mathematics enables us to comprehend the world and to create mental discipline in an efficient method. Maths foster logical reasoning, critical thinking, creative thought, abstract and spatial thought, capacity to solve problems, and even good communication abilities. PEMDAS is an acronym in Mathematics used to specify the sequence of operations to be monitored during the resolution of multi-operating expressions. P stands for parentheses, E for exponents, M equals multiplication, D is for division, A for addition and S stands for subtraction in PEMDAS. There are several acronyms in various nations used for the order of operations. Pemdas rule has played an important role in Mathematics. It has helped in the efficient calculation of mathematical expressions.


How to Remember PEMDAS?

Many years ago, a renowned statistician devised a mental technique to remember the PEMDAS rules. This concept of memorization is called Mnemonics and it is a new type of method for memory that uses an understanding of statistical concepts to help retrieve knowledge. A leader in the field of social sciences and statistics, showed how to quickly recall the PEMDAS order of operations in a series of carefully constructed visual demonstrations. His use of these demonstrations, together with mental reminders, allowed him to easily retrieve the PEMDAS rule from memory without writing anything down.

This rule helps students to comprehend mathematical expressions faster and without being perplexed in the process. Below are some basic rules to solve equations using the PEMDAS rule.

  • The PEMDAS rule is used to set the sequence of operations for solving mathematical expressions. It is a 2-step process.
  • The first part of the rule is for the P-parentheses and the other is for the E-exponents. This helps students to understand the equation and its expressions easily and write it down accordingly.
  • The second part of the rule helps in solving any mathematical equation more effectively. The second part helps students to focus on the meaning of the equation and understand the equation easily.
  • Although M for multiplication is ahead of D for division in PEMDAS, these two activities have the same priority. Fulfill the sequence from left to right.
  • While A for addition in PEMDAS is before S for subtraction, these two operations are also prioritized. You are looking for and performing these last two procedures from left to right.

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Why is the PEMDAS Rule Important?

You probably have heard of the PEMDAS rule. A mathematical expression can be made more efficient, clear, and simple by observing the order of the operations. This rule applies to entire mathematical expressions including linear equations, series of equations, ruler numbers and mathematical functions, conversions between polar and cartesian coordinates, logarithms. The PEMDAS rule is also important in computer programming. It is commonly used for: typing expressions using shell scripts and INI files as well as code blocks in any lines of code within a program.

Math may be considered as a numerical riddle. The parts must fit properly with a photo puzzle so that the result is the image it needs to be. There is a sequence to be followed in order to achieve the proper answer with numerous order of operation. Mathematics is an easy subject for our children. We must not force them to memorize mathematical formulas. We must not limit their curiosity. But if they are provided with training in mathematics, they will find mathematics intriguing and interesting. Learning mathematics takes time. The mathematical formulas should not be memorized or regurgitated. This will affect the child’s interest in the subject. If there is one thing that can affect the interest of our children in learning mathematics, it’s that we constantly bad-mouth it. Thus it is important to go with the flow and stop mugging up concepts.

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