Buying covers for your outdoor furniture is not rocket science, but you may perhaps be amazed to discover the large number of factors that can shape your decision. Purchasing covers for your furniture can serve to extend their life so that you can keep on using them for years without having to carry out expensive repairs or replace them. Furniture covers are available to suit every budget with the quality and features differing with the price points.

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Special Features That Add Value to Covers for Outdoor Furniture

When you are buying covers for your patio furniture, you will want to ensure that not only your furniture is adequately protected but also that the covers are convenient to use and represent good value for money. Some of the features should look out for include:

Protection against water damage

The ingress of water can also damage the furniture in no time by corroding the metal parts or causing the wood or cloth to rot. One may be tempted to buy covers that are labeled as waterproof; however, you should know that while these covers are effective in stopping rainwater or melting snow from entering, they also do not permit the water vapor building up inside to escape. The accumulation of moisture has the same damaging effect on the furniture as seepage. A water-resistant cover is a better choice because even though some moisture can seep through, the water vapor can escape as the material can breathe, allowing the furniture to dry out. It will also prevent mold and mildew from developing on the furniture.


According to, if your area receives very heavy rainfall, you need to waterproof covers. The outdoor furniture covers should allow for proper ventilation, especially if you have chosen to go ahead with waterproof material. The vents allow the air to circulate, and dry out any moisture accumulating inside due to the formation of vapor. Without any vents being present, the vapor can condense and cause the furniture to rust and rot. The vents will also ensure that the furniture is dry enough not to permit the growth of hazardous mold and mildew that demand a special cleaning process and may even stain the furniture. However, you will need to ensure that the vents are placed such that rainwater does not get entry and compound the problem.

Tie-downs and Fasteners

For the cover to fit well, it should have the provision of an elastic band going all around the edges to prevent it from billowing in the wind. Further, there should be belts with buckles and tie-downs so that you can fasten the covers securely to the feet or legs of the furniture. When secured tightly, you can be assured that your covers will not blow off even in the face of high winds. Velcro fasteners are especially convenient because they require very little effort to fasten and unfasten.


Good-quality covers for garden furniture can be expensive. When you are spending a hefty sum, you should consider models made by the more reputed manufacturers as they usually pay more attention to the details that make the covers more usable and give more protection to the furniture.

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