We bet that you asked yourself many times whether you should sit for assessments and acquire a certification or not. And if you look at most evidence, the answer will be yes. By the way, research has shown that with the right badge, you can benefit greatly from employment opportunities, promotions, and salary increments among other things. So, in this article, we will show you the perks of passing the MS-100 test and winning its Microsoft 365 Certified: ExamCollection.biz Enterprise Administrator Expert certification. However, this credential is not easy to achieve as, apart from MS-100, it also demands completing the MS-101 exam. Thus, if you are ready to see why launch your prep process for the Microsoft MS-100 and the benefits its associated certification will get you, let’s get started then!

microsoft ms-100

Why Complete MS-100?

We know that it might be difficult to organize yourself and start preparing for an assessment. The same concerns the MS-100 test, too. Author: CHARLES V However, when deciding if to sit for a test or not, you should take into consideration the knowledge that this exam will equip you with. When it comes to the skills that you’ll gain with MS-100 accreditation, they all revolve around Microsoft 365 services, workloads, and apps. In addition, this assessment will make you one step closer to attaining the desired Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert, which, in its turn, will as well come with the numerous advantages to enjoy. So, are you curious to dive deeper into them?

What Are the Perks of Getting an Enterprise Administrator Expert Badge?

Once you earn the Enterprise Administrator Expert credential issued by Microsoft, you will reap the following benefits:

  • Professional improvement

    Obtaining the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert badge is proof of your commitment to boosting your skills and expertise in the field of IT. Author: ALBERT J Thus, constantly improving your knowledge is a good way to show your employer and peers how much you value your career.

  • Your services will be in demand

    Companies know that professionals who are certified as Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator Experts have high levels of skills. This is because they have gone through a painstaking process to eventually become pros in working with Microsoft 365 features, which means that they can assume a range of responsibilities that include assessment, organization, migration, deployment, and management of services for Microsoft 365. 30% >>>>>> Organizations, therefore, will be jostling for your skills as you’ll have what they require to make their enterprises run optimally and successfully.

  • Great compensation package

    Pay is one of the factors to consider when applying for a job. Since you’ll possess advanced certified Enterprise Administrator Expert skills, employers won’t dither over how they should compensate you. They know your value and are capable of offering you the best package to compensate for your hard work and knowledge. Author: ELLIOT L PayScale.com salary report on the yearly earnings for enterprise administrators shows $88,434 as the average.


With these benefits, earning the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification should be a matter of urgency if you’re interested in your career success. Currently, there is a lot of competition in the IT job market out there, Author: KIAN P but when you possess the skills demanded most by employers, you will have a high chance of edging out your rivals. Start preparing for your Microsoft MS-100 test, and get closer to the advantages of its related badge!

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