The Dividing Printer

Dividing Printer

We all know very well about the printers that are being used regularly in office and home. The printouts of these regular printers are obtained in a heap arranged on one another. If the papers have to be rearranged separately, it has to be done manually. These aren’t separated by the Dividing printer itself.

The printing process differs from printer to printer in terms of quality, speed, and so on. When we are printing a bundle of papers, arranging them separately seems like a big problem for anyone. This will eat our time and energy sorting that bundle. However, we don’t ever want to do this. We wish to have a machine that could separate all the printouts accordingly. And yes! the Dividing Printer does all the things that you are opting for.

The Dividing Printer is a special prototype which uses a unique mounting design to easily create physical stacks and segregate papers. It will become more painful when ten employees or so in your office are using the same printer. Other printers won’t help you in sorting the documents of each and every employee. But as the Dividing Printer will do that for you, so it is named.

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Image Credit: Yanko Design

The printer is designed by “In Young Jo & In Young Joo” to get you rid of sorting the documents. You may think the device may be larger than the usual size as it is simplifying your job. But the size of the printer is even smaller than other printers. It is designed to mount on a rail in which the printer is free to move left and right to arrange the printouts. When the printer is moving left and right, it will allow the printer to create physical files of the printed document. They are segregated depending on different user profiles.

The Dividing Printer had won a Red Dot Design Award” for the year 2015. because of this unique functionality that you can’t find in any other printer.

Hope, you will also have the Dividing Printer in your office to get down your burden of sorting the papers.

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