iPad Pro 2017 First Impressions

New iPad Pro 2017 First Impressions

This year iPad is getting a major overhaul. iOS 11 is available in beta as a public preview today which adds a slew of new features to the iPad as the device inches closer to its goal of becoming a laptop replacement.

There’s a new app for managing files, an app dock that mimics the one on your Mac, some new multitasking features, and loads of other goodies that make it easier to get things done. This is the biggest iPad software update since the device launched over seven years ago.

New iPad Pro 2017 First Impressions 3

I have been testing the iOS 11 public beta for a few days. By signing up, you can try it too here. It’s also available for iPhone. On concord, keep in mind that it’s still technically beta software. So you might encounter some bugs. The final version will be available this fall. Keep reading to see the most important changes coming in iOS 11.

Definitely feels like a significant update iOS 11. I was able to do a lot more on the iPad than I could before in my short time with the beta version. I feel it getting closer to becoming a viable laptop alternative. iOS 11 will also be great for other iPad models such the new 9.7-inch version. Even if you can’t use the Apple pencil or keyboard accessories. I still have a few problems with the iPad’s app keyboard and selection accessory, as I wrote in my recent iPad Pro review.

iOS 11 is a sign Apple hasn’t given up on the iPad overall. Despite having difficulty finding a place for it over the year as sales slumped. So it’s nice to see iOS start to catch up, iPad hardware keeps getting better and better.

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