Best new Gmail features 2018

Google’s most used Gmail has recently seen a number of changes. Gmail has a new look and new features have been added.  We will continue to look at the new Gmail features.

Mute Email Threats:

Gmail Mute Option

Mute facility for group messages was one of the unique features of the iPhone X model. Google currently has a similar feature in its email service. Gmail provides a simple way to mute a lot of emails in the email threads.

If you have created any group emails and you are not interested to see specific group based emails then you can mute those emails. Open the specified thread and click on the three points on the top. Click on the Mute option. When doing so, the email conversations will be muted and archived.

If you want to get familiar with group conversations after a while, you can view Gmail in All Mail. Then these conversations can be unmuted. You have to click on the Move to Inbox menu to unmute the conversation.

Send and Archive:

Send and Archive in Gmail

You can set a second Send option for reply emails and mail forwarding. This option will keep your inbox organized.  When the next mail comes in from the conversation thread, a popup will appear.

Click on the gear icon to set the app,

Click Settings – General-> Send & Archive-> Select Show & Send Archive and click save button.

Undo Option

Gmail provides you with the name of Undo, where you can get back the emails you sent. You can retrieve the email that you typed wrong for a variety of reasons, or you can get back the emails sent in error by default.

Gmail Undo Option

Gmail Settings – General – Undo Options.  You have to opt for a maximum of 30 seconds to get emails back. (Here is a minimum of 5, 10 and 20 seconds back). Now you have to save the changes by scrolling below.

Once you’ve sent email, you will get both messages like your e-mail is sent and click to get back to you.

Improved Search Feature:

Since Google owns the Gmail, everyone knows how it will search option works. Many of us had used  old search boxes on top of the e-mails. We will use old email keywords or email address to search for email conversations. But this feature has different options  that cross our imagination.

Clicking the small arrow near the search box on the mail screen will open an updated search feature in Gmail, where emails can be searched with information such as date and attachment size.

Preview Pane:

Gmail’s preview pane lets you use it with great display. When this feature is implemented, it looks like Outlook, where you can reply to emails while you’re in inbox.

To enable this option,

Settings – Labs– Preview Pane –Save.

Gmail Preview Pane

You can now view the new button in the top of the inbox, You can select preview On and Off Option.

You can choose Tabs:

Google provides an attractive feature to organize incoming emails. It sends you important emails only to Inbox and sends other advertisements to their respective tabs.

In order to enable this option, you can change the Inbox-Catalogs options to suit your wishes.


A small drive icon found under the Gmail Compose window. This icon allows you to store on drives or attach file’s share links to emails. Google Drive Formats can include Docs, Sheets, Slides, and other file types like Attachment or drive link. You can send more than 25 MB files in Gmail with Drive Link.

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