First Look on Microsoft Surface Studio PC


Check out Microsoft’s new surface studio and we were kind of expecting months of doing it all in one PC. It’s a little bit more than just a normal regular PC. Let’s t start from the basics specs like the twenty-inch display on the front of it. The screen pixels with an interesting aspect ratio is great but it’s pretty much the same as the surface book and the surface pro. They’ve done that because basically, it has to treat everything live see if you’re working in creative designs. You’ll see the actual a full size and voice going to print well. In terms of the actual hardware is super thin and I think it’s about like literally super paper thin and it serves the actual hardware a lot of I think a lot of the components such in the base here and this is a new video GPU for the nine ACM. I think as an option so also have the nine sixty-five M as well and is placing a good memory with Intel Quad-core i5 or i7 and supremest we’d expect from the all in one PC. What really makes the surface studio shine is the new surface style. It is a new accessory what’s on the surface book and the surface pro but it really works the best on the surface area. I’ll show you how it works right now so I combined with the surface studio and then displays a new hinge that allows you to basically push it almost flat so the desk is a specific angle so it’s more comfortable to draw anything.


Also other stuff so I can go into the pin-ups and I can change the diameter of the new Microsoft stylus. It’s already seen how this verdict says Free complements the pen, the mouse and the keyboard and touch input a collar just sits there as your little Select body in the corner and able to change advanced things will still Joy. Yeah, this is literally PC which is clearly designed for trade as Microsoft really going for that purpose of all the market with the surface. Devices in general but this is like a big play for 3D creativity and that kind of thing is supposed to start shipping around November or in December time in limited quantities. Must be charging around three thousand dollars this particular device has been more coming next year. Yeah, this is a surface studio is a first quick look at a new creativity device.

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