Apple patent suggests future iPhones

New Apple Patent

Apple patent suggests future iPhones is the iPhone of this year is going to bore brains of everyone.

Now, the iPhone of next year is supposed to have the sweeping changes. For the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, Apple has planned something grand.

We heard rumors of OLED displays, as possibly back to glass an all newly redesigned body, the integration of the home button, wireless charging or Touch ID sensor underneath the screen itself directly.

At this point, it is just really speculation.

But here is an interesting possibility is a Digital Crown such as the one on the Apple Watch on an iPhone. It is possible.

In 2014 The United States Trademark Office and Patent have published a patent Apple filed for a digital crown for devices that seems suspiciously similar to iPads and iPhones.

Crown such mechanism Button 204 that is published in the below diagram:

Notice how the diagram device doesn’t have any sort home button.

Obviously, patent illustrations are basically pretty and are not detailed. Patent filings had no confirmations and ideas will make it into real products.

It is not much hard to imagine what a Digital Crown would look on an iPhone. In fact, that is exactly what a 3D designer did last year.

I said a streamlined Digital Crown with an embedded Touch ID fingerprint sensor that time as it is actually smart.

“A digital crown makes it somewhat simple to replicate zooming in and out, and scrolling, without much finger muscle movement.”

If Apple makes this concept a reality, I would be the first one to buy.

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