Downtown Colorado Springs looks pretty much similar to a small city. You have high-rise buildings, well-paved roads, moderate traffic, shopping malls, restaurants in most corners, and retail shops all around. And every now and then, you will find a marijuana dispensary, which is standard in this neck of the woods.

Neuropsychological Testing

Venture out of the city, and you will have the adventure of a lifetime. Colorado is renowned for its natural abundance– a vibrant playground for outdoor enthusiasts and thrill-seekers.

However, some people also visit the city for more serious situations. Neurofeedback treatment, a procedure that can help change the behavior of a patient dealing with depression, ADHD, or addiction, is one such situation why you find several people coming here. However, if you’re planning to do this, before the process itself, it’s recommended to visit a center that does neuropsychological testing in Colorado Springs.

What is a Neuropsychological Testing?

Neuropsychological testing is a vital component of neurofeedback treatment. The latter is a procedure that has helped countless people deal with mental health issues.

Even with the efforts of advocates to raise awareness, some people still believe that a person who has a mental illness is “crazy.” Unfortunately, it perpetuates stigma and a cycle of shame that prevents the patient from seeking help.

For example, the National Alliance on Mental Illness said that only 43% of US adults with mental health sought treatment in 2018.

However, neuropsychological testing is not limited to people with depression or anxiety or those dealing with PTSD or substance abuse.

If you have a short attention span, the neuropsychological testing can be a helpful tool to get to the core of the problem. The neuropsychologist can determine your behaviors and habits that are affected by your brain activity.

How long is the procedure?

During the process, the patient will be tested on their ability to plan, figure out abstract conceptions, as well as conceptualization. There will be an IQ test, which is similar to what schools administer to students.

The patient will also be tested on their attention span, the way they perceive things, sensorimotor functions, their memory, and their grasp of the language. The neuropsychologist will also try to determine the person’s state of mood and overall emotion, as well as the type of personality they have.

Depending on the individual’s case, the entire assessment process will finish within two to five hours. The tests given to the patients are standardized, which means they all have similar questions and parameters.

However, the neuropsychologist will also factor in several factors that can affect the accuracy of the results. For instance, if the patient experiences fatigue or confusion during the neuropsychological testing, the professional should slow down or schedule the session for another time. In this case, the assessment process can push back to eight hours.

The idea is to evaluate the patient when the brain is working at an optimal condition to lay down the basic parameters. The results will be compared to the tests conducted on other people of the patient’s demographic. The professional will also look at the projected developmental levels based on the person’s age, educational background, and social status.

Once the neuropsychologist can determine the patient’s strengths and weaknesses, they will then recommend potential procedures to address the problem. When you go to a place that does neuropsychological testing in Colorado Springs, one of the recommended solutions is neurofeedback treatment.

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