More Than 24 Hours Time Difference Between Two Neighboring States

more than 24 hours time

There are two neighboring states on the Earth that take more than 24 hours time difference between them. For instance, if one state is on Monday morning, then the other state is on Tuesday morning. This splits the Globe into two parts like one in the east and the other in the west. Do you know which are these states? Have you any idea about these two states? Samoa and American Samoa.

They are just 101 miles apart from each other. As they have more than 24 hours time difference, one part of the country will celebrate a festival a day before while the other part has to wait for a whole day. Until last year Samoa and American Samoa celebrated a new year or any other on the same day. But then Samoa hopped west of the imaginary line. This imaginary line helped with global time keeping. So, it could trade more easily with some countries like Australia and New Zealand.

There is a time keeping line but no date line is fixed by any International law or agreement. So it can fluctuate to accommodate such government and business interests. American Samoa, staying on the other side of the border, was left more than 24 hours behind Samoa.

international date line

The tiny Pacific Island nation of Kiribati was split into two parts by the International date line before the mid-1990s. This left the western portion of the country a full day ahead of the eastern portion. This became a problem while doing business.

The date line takes a massive deviation of more than 2,400 kilometers (1,500 miles), around Kiribati’s eastern-most islands, so that the whole nation is on the same calendar day. Near the top of the globe, the date line veers east to get all of Siberia on board with the rest of Russia. It then swings far west to lasso in the Aleutian Islands. So they can to be on the same day as the rest of Alaska. This means some Russians will see a full day before some Americans. Perhaps they can tell their neighbors on the other side of the line what is going to happen in the future.

This way two neighboring states, Samoa and American Samoa have more than 24 hours time difference.

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