Your most loved emoji can now have a meaning which is secret to others.

Mozilla, the organization behind the Firefox program, has made another diversion that utilizations emoji to show individuals about encryption.


The Online tool, called Codemoji, permits you to send coded messages to companions utilizing emoji. It utilizes emoji characters to make straightforward figures so as to represent the essentials of encryption.

Here’re the means by which it works:  Start by composing a message you need your friends to interpret, then pick an emoji that will serve as the way to translating it. Codemoji then scrambles your message into a string of emoji characters, which you send to colleagues, friends or neighbours.

Once you’ve shared the mixed message, your companions should figure which emoji is your key with a specific end goal to unscramble it into a decipherable message. (Mozilla recommends you give your companions an insight as to which character you utilized.) Once they select the right emoji, the message will be decoded.


Mozilla notes Codemoji is intended to be an instructive or educational online tool and isn’t generally intended to be a protected interchanges administration. The organization says its primary objective is to show individuals — likely more youthful clients — about the significance of encryption and how it functions.

In an announcement, Mozilla’s official executive Mark Surman said “encryption is being threatened around the world,” referring to government-proposed policies in Australia, the UK and France, alongside the FBI’s extremely open fight with Apple over its utilization of encryption. Mozilla was one of a few tech organizations that agreed with Apple in its battle with the FBI prior this year.

“Mozilla trusts encryption is the most imperative instrument we have for building a more protected, secure Internet,” Mozilla composes on its site. “What’s more, building a more secure Internet is basic to our clients, our economy, and our national security.”

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