Kitchen Tricks To Make You A Master Chef

Kitchen Tricks

There are some people who love to cook or prepare some or the other dish or snack. They keep on trying in preparing new and a variety of different stuff. Some are not well-known with the kitchen or its contents. But they may be interested in cooking even if they don’t know. And the taste or the final result of the preparation may be good or not has to be considered. But what is that which is going to help these kinds of people who are interested in cooking? The main thing is that they don’t know the kitchen tricks. I’m sure, kitchen tricks will do good in all aspects of preparing a recipe.

Here are some most useful kitchen tricks that will help you become a master chef. It’s not guaranteed that all these kitchen tricks would work. But you can make most out of all these kitchen tricks.

1. Wet fingers to remove egg shells:

If you wanted to eat an omelet, you will break an omelet in a pan. What if small pieces of egg shells have fallen along with egg white and yolk? Simply taking out the pieces of egg shells with bare hands won’t do. Make your fingers wet to easily remove egg shells from the egg white and yolk.

You can also use a half cracked egg shell to remove the fragments of the egg shell.

2. Make hash browns and bacon:

A waffle iron! Yes, this will help to make hash browns and bacon.

3. Make omelets faster and messy:

Most of us prefer omelets when we are feeling a bad hunger. Because this is one of the tasty and best eatables that could be made in not more than a minute. But what is the way that can get you with an omelet very fast? A panini maker will help you make an omelet faster and messy too. It can also be used to make roast chicken.

4. Cook or boil faster:

In a hurry, we think it would be good if the cooking process time is reduced to a huge extent. What will help you in this? A pressure cooker or an electric cooker will take almost the same and more time. What about a microwave oven? Yes! microwave sliced carrot, peas, mushrooms, and spinach for quicker results.

5. Creative eggs and chocolate with a cookie cutter:

Children will like to eat food when they look attractive than their usual way. An egg is said to contain proteins but a boiled egg or simply an omelet won’t satisfy the children’s taste. Use a cookie cutter to make a creative omelet to attract children so that they will like to eat it.

And a creative chocolate can also be prepared with a cookie cutter. After the preparation of the chocolate, a cookie cutter can be used to garnish the chocolates. Place the cookie cutter on the hot chocolate to shape the whipped cream.

6. Identify an egg is good or spoiled:

Usually, we get to know if an egg is spoiled only when it smells or tastes bad. Unless we won’t know that an egg is spoiled before cooking. Is there any way to find the freshness of an egg whether it is spoiled or fresh? Of course, there is. Place an egg in a container full of water. If the egg floats, it is sure that the egg is spoiled, if the egg sinks in the water, it is fresh.

7. Pancake mix:

What will you do with an empty ketchup bottle? I’m sure, you will think that there is nothing to do with an empty ketchup bottle. That can be used for pancake mix.

8. Cut soft foods:

We generally, use a knife to cut soft foods like cakes. Suppose that you have placed a cake in the fridge or oven without cutting it. Suddenly some of your friends or relatives came, and you have misplaced the knife. Now think of the material that would help you out in cutting the cake. An unscented dental floss will do a better job in cutting the cake in a perfect manner. Use an unscented dental floss to cut the cake into pieces and serve it to the guests.

9. Keep ice cream soft:

When we buy a big container of ice cream like a family pack, we can’t complete all at a time. Taking a few scoops in a bowl, we keep the ice cream container in the refrigerator simply closing the tin with its lid. Rather than keeping it directly like that, it’s better to place the container in a zip lock bag. This will allow the ice cream stay as soft as it was when opening it.

10. Juice a lemon easily:

We sometimes squeeze the lemon halves to get the juice out of it. It may look a bit difficult to get the juice out of a lemon. Think of a pair of tongs to squeeze the juice from it. It would be easier than a direct method.

11. An easy way to toast peppers:

One of the easiest ways to toast peppers is the use of steamer.

12. Grate a nutmeg:

A nutmeg is a hard thing that we can break. Then how can it be broken? A cheese grater can grate a nutmeg with ease. You may think that it is not possible. But not! It is easy.

13. Coffee Grinder as a blender:

Use a coffee grinder for whole spices to make your own blends.

14. An easy way to cut a squash:

What about a butcher knife and a mallet to get this done? Place the butcher knife on the squash and tap on it with a mallet. This will be easy to cut the squash.

15. Use of Marshmallow:

Generally, sugar forms clumps when they have been kept aside for a long time period. We may try a variety of tips to get rid of this. Marshmallows can be used to keep brown sugar from clumping.

16. Stop fish sticking to the grill while roasting:

While we are roasting the fishes on a grill, they stick on them and that might not be looking good to serve. To grill the fish in a perfect manner, some lemons would help you. Make a bed of lemon halves and place the fish on it. This will infuse the fish and stop sticking to the grill.

17. Get a large ice cube:

We might not have any idea to get a large ice cube. Here is a simple tip for that. Freeze the lemons along with the water in cupcake tins. And see after there are ready. You will get larger ice cubes.

18. Reusability of Tictac tins:

Whenever we buy tictac, we throw the tin after the tictac bits are over. But we can use the tins in many ways like a container for spices, salt, and many things in the kitchen.

19. Get a perfect boiled egg:

Generally, an egg is estimated for its perfection in boiling. It may boil completely or not remains a doubt until the shell on it is removed or sometimes it will be known only while eating it. Rather a thumbtack can make the egg boil perfectly.

20. Get a golden egg:

We boil the egg as we buy and we get egg white inside which yolk will be there. But try a different taste in the egg instead of egg white and yolk separately. You will get a golden egg. To get this, shake the egg intensely for 2 to 3 minutes and then boil. And see after removing the egg shell. It’s golden egg!

21. Get rid of garlic smell on your hands:

Whenever we peel off garlic to use them in recipes, we get that garlic smell on our hands. Whatever we wash our hands with gel or soap, the smell remains for a long time. To get rid of this smell, rub your hands on stainless steel and you can see that the smell disappears.

22. Stop avocado turning brown:

After cutting the avocado into slices, we see that it turns brown after a while. And that would change its taste and the nutritional content in it. So to stop avocado turning brown, sprinkling lemon juice on the slices will help you.

23. Serve a single ice cream tub to several:

When we have a single huge tub of ice cream, we may be confused to serve it to a number of people. Place the ice cream tub under hot water for around 30 seconds. Then invert the ice cream container on a plate and cut it with a knife accordingly.

24. Cut perfect cake pieces:

We normally use a knife to cut the cake pieces. The pieces might not be as perfect as they should be. To get the perfect cake slices, run the knife under hot water. See the cake slices now. I’m sure, you will see a huge difference.

25. An Easy way to open a jar:

We use our finger tips to open a jar lid by which your fingertips may get hurt. This trick may help you open the jar easily without any pain. Use a bottle opener to open the jar by lifting the edge of the lid until you hear a pop sound.

26. Homemade Mayonaise:

It can be made with just two ingredients. They are egg and oil. It just needs a cup of oil and an egg which when blended together makes Mayonaise.

27. A disposable funnel:

How can an envelope do as a funnel? Yes! An envelope. Cut one of the bottom corners of the envelope and it can be used as a funnel. This will do good as a funnel.

28. Stop guacamole turning brown:

When the guacamole is exposed to air, then it will turn brown. To avoid this from turning brown, put it in a container and add water on the top. And when it is required drain the water and serve.

29. Dice slice mango easily:

To dice a mango easily, cut the mango into halves. Then cut grids into the two halves. After that invert the slice to cut the cubes. You will get the dice mango slices.

30. Gluten free bread crumbs:

The use of food processor on brown rice cereal will help you in making your own gluten-free bread crumbs.

31. Hot chocolate at home:

Take some chocolate truffles and add them to a mug of hot milk. This will make a premium hot chocolate and tastes good too.

32. Prevent water from over boiling:

While boiling water in a pan, and suppose that we want lukewarm water. Then place a wooden spoon across over the pan of boiling water. This will prevent the water from over boiling.

33. Kitchen tricks to open pistachio:

It might be difficult for those who don’t grow their nails long to open a pistachio without their nails. For these kinds of people, here is one of the kitchen tricks. I’m sure this trick will be easy to open the pistachio faster. Use the shell of another pistachio to open the pistachio nuts.

34. Prevent banana from over ripening:

When we buy more bananas than the required number, then they get over-ripened after a day or two. So to prevent the bananas getting ripe, wrap a clingfilm around the stalk of the banana.

35. Cook bacon without flame:

An iron box will do this. Firstly wrap the bacon in foil and use the iron to heat thoroughly. This will cook the bacon.

These are some of the useful kitchen tricks that will help you become a master chef.

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