Xiaomi’s MI-UI 8 beta goes Live

MI-UI 8 is an advanced version for MI User Interface. It has advanced features and latest apps when compared to the previous version(MI UI 7). This MI-UI announced by Xiaomi’s Vice president Hugo Barra. You can learn how this MI UI 8 operating system works with latest features by seeing the below video. We have explained you in detail about each feature.

How to set the Device-Initially

For the first time, MI-UI 8 has kept image redesigned with the colors and the background as white with the Next button on it. MI-UI 8 is completely different when compared to MI-UI 7 because it has covered the orange background. By clicking on the Next button it will get two languages-English, Chinese. After choosing your desired language you can connect to the WLAN network(Wi-Fi).


In a few clicks, we will find some terms and conditions to accept, click on accept to go for further steps. In the Next step, it checks to find device status, whether it has the account previously or not. If not, we have to sign-in into Mi account and connect the device to Mi cloud.


Finding Devices:


We can find our lost devices from i.mi.com where we can locate, lock or alarm the devices. We have some other additional features for MI-UI that is we can make a free call to the other person by using internet connection. Mi-cloud Backup may be useful to backup your saved files from the integrated Mi-cloud.


Weather conditions:



The total appearance of MI-UI 8 is more clear and fresh. MI-UI 8 include day’s weather condition in weather icons. The Weather app changes its colour depending on the weather conditions.

Fingerprint Sensor:

The Fingerprint sensor is easy to set up on the first boot itself. In case if the fingerprint sensor doesn’t work then it requires PIN/ Pattern/ Password. Next tap on the sensor for 15-20 minutes and then “you are ready to Rock”. The fingerprint sensors are only available in some Xiaomi devices such as Redmi Note 3, Redmi 3/pro, Mi 5 or Mi Fix.

Dual Apps:

This allows the users to use all the applications with two different accounts. For example, it contains two WhatsApp and two Facebooks.  You can use two WhatsApp accounts that may lead you to log on and log off repeatedly. You can use two WhatsApp accounts or Facebook accounts simultaneously. You can use one for personal and another for business purpose as you wish.


Music App:

The Music app contains same as previous versions features such as Recognition, lyrics etc. There are no big changes made in this app but slight changes are made. We can see this Music app in the recent tray.


Security App:

The security App remains same but it changes its choice to the battery saver, to save your battery life to use long period.


Camera App:

The camera app in MI-UI 8 has included new features than the previous versions. There is no left or right swiping in this camera, all the modes are directly present in this app. Compared to previous versions the camera quality is really good and improved.


Calendar App:

MI-UI 8 has some important changes in the calendar, it changes its color for every month like the March Month is in green and June is in orange as shown in the below picture. And also it changes its events colour such as below shown.


Notes app:

In this app, we can add color to the background of the Notes and it applies to the whole screen color. Notes can also be secured with a PIN/ Password/ Pattern and it can also be hidden by sliding down from the top.


Messaging App:

The Messaging app shows the Unread messages with the dot symbol. It also follows the MI-UI 7 feature of slide to mark the message as read. And also it has another feature, it hides our private messages. It contains some options to add videos or Vcard looks, photos etc.


Recording App:

The Recording App alters its colour from boring black to the blue and white combination. While recording it displays the movement of sound waves. Mark and Recording buttons are beside the Recording button.

Contact App:

The contact App in MI UI 8 has designed well. It makes the contacts clearer than the previous UI, by using the white background. While add or create a new contact the image for the contact is shifted to the top. For blocking or deleting the contact is shifted up and more space is available at the bottom.

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