MG Muthu – From Coolie to Rs. 2500 Crore Business

MG Muthu Story

Today, MG Muthu’s growth may be huge but do you know he had lack of resources for education in his childhood. King in business, though he does not study. He has begun his career as a wage for carrying bundles in the harbor. He worked so hard towards his dream. Can you believe today he has assets in the millions of dollars?


Muthu is the son of the wage laborer in a small village in Tamil Nadu and is the leader of the most popular MGM group among Indian companies.


His words, “I was confident that I would change this one day when his family had not been able to get a meal every day”.


When he was 10 years old, he joined the school as he saw the boys in his village going to school. But he is not able to concentrate on studies with his hunger and he left the studies.


At that young age, he worked with his father for a few years as an agricultural wage.

Madras port

In 1957, at the Madras port, Muthu worked hard for 10 years and earned some money to save. MG Muthu, who has good conducts with his colleagues and clients have started a small logistics company.

Logistics Company

Now that logistics company has turned him into one of the important businessmen in India. When he started it, he got some orders from small client to import and export their products.


Once he started getting business from his clients, his mission is to complete the deal with clients without any complaints. As he delivered good service to his clients, his clients base started growing.


MG Muthu Group

Muthu started MGM and today he has the biggest share in the Indian market. Large enterprises started using his service by noticing his deals with small companies. Today MGM is the largest logistics company in India.

Other Industries

The MGM Group, which had a huge success in the logistics division, also had a huge success with coal, mining, food and international hotels industries.


The MGM Group has recently acquired a liquor company from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The company is preparing vodka and whiskey. MGM is in the idea of starting a liquor factory in Karnataka soon.

Mary Brown

He was a daily wage earlier but now he is managing franchising of Malaysian fast food restaurant, Mary Brown in India.

“Where there is a will, there is a way” is the perfect proverb which suits MG Muthu’s life. He started his life as a daily wage without any education background. But now with his courage and hard work, he is one of the important businessmen in India.

I believe that the story of MG Muthu will surely attract you and teach you the lessons.

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