Astrology is the art of studying the movement of celestial objects in the universe, their motion, and paths that tend to have a deep effect on occurrences on earth and human affairs. It is the study of the effects of the celestial bodies’ motion on the life existing on the earth’s surface. Stars tend to have a very deep and vast effect on different occurrences on earth. The magnetic and gravitational pull between the big bodies in space is also very much effective on the path followed by the celestial bodies in the universe.

Meaning and Approach of Astrology
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It is also the study of how the events in the life of the human correspond to the change in the movement and their effect on day-to-day life. Stars have a very close relationship with astrology. The constellations formed by the stars tell a lot about the motions of the planet. Each constellation represents a zodiac sign. Each planet in the solar system displays a certain aspect of life. There are twelve zodiac signs. They are distinguished on the basis of the birth date. Daily horoscope is generated on the basis of the zodiac sign itself, which tells us about the happenings in life in advance. 


A special section is designated in the newspaper for the daily horoscope. People are always excited about reading their horoscope. It is really exciting and interesting to see what the future holds for us. People become cautious and take extra care of every movement to avoid any mishappening.

Horoscope is a small window that helps to peek a little bit into the future. Astrology has scientific validity that validates the laws of physics and nature. Consistency and correspondence with the stars help to find the horoscope clearly and precisely. According to, it is a way to make clear predictions and control destiny and abundance in people’s lives. It plays an important role in civilization. Weather and earthquakes can be predicted easily by a close look at the planets and their motions.

There are various ways to read the horoscope, for example, by date of birth, palmistry, face reading, numerology, and tarot card reading. There are people who can read the future very well, and their predictions are almost correct. A top astrologer in India who is very educated and skilled in his field can provide solutions to all problems. People put their trust and faith in them in the hope of a better future.

History and Astrology

The word astrology is derived from an early Latin word which means the study of accounts of stars. Early advances in the field of astronomy were the prediction of seasons, to measure, records, and time measurement. The direction and position of the sun were used to measure the time in the day and as well as the direction whenever one is lost.

Shapes of the moon provide information about the lunar eclipse. Tidal waves are also affected by the moon due to their gravitational pull towards the earth. Farmers used to grow agricultural plants according to the season predicted from the constellation.

Vedic Astrology

The Hindu astrology is also known as Vedic astrology or Jyotishya. It is a Hindu system of astrology that gives deep knowledge about Ayurveda and Yoga. The main aim of astrology is to predict the correct time, maintain the calendar, and calculate the auspicious times in the Vedic era. Whenever the birth of a newborn takes place, his name is decided according to the Vedic system by finding the auspicious letter for the name of the newborn and its well being and happy life.

Many auspicious beginnings and celebrations occur after finding a good date for the happy and smooth going in life. Marriages of two individuals are fixed after matching their ‘Kundlis’ and analyzing their future happiness with the help of astrology. The date of marriages is fixed according to the Hindu Vedic calendar and the auspiciousness of the particular date. ‘Navagraha’ of the bride and groom are matched with complete attention and the smallest of small details are brought into consideration.

There are about sixteen charts in the Hindu Vedic system. There are twenty-seven ‘nakshatras’ or the division of sky in the Vedic astrology which are addressed by their prominent stars. The ‘Navagraha’ or the nine planets in Hindu astrology represents our nine planets of the solar system. Yoga or Union represents the combination of different planets with each other. Kalasarpa Dosa and Amavasya are certain examples of existing yogas in the Hindu Vedic system.

Summing Up

Astrology involves a long and deep line of history and various calculations. Even Aryabhata presented astronomical and mathematical calculations which leads to the invention of phenomenal ‘zero’. According to the sun, he presented earth to be spinning on its axis and periods of revolution of planets are given.

The magnetic pull between them tends to say a lot about motion. People have an unspoken belief in astronomy on which they look up for the betterment and further achievement in life. There is continuous research that takes place in the field of astronomy as well as astrology to fit with the continuously changing world.

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