Quick Ways To Free Up Space In Your Gmail Account

Mail storage space

There is no doubt that Gmail is the most used email service in the world. The main problem faced by the user is the management of storage. We can not keep track of the 15 GB capacity allocated to us and we will pay to Google for more usage when we cross the limit. Are you ready to pay for that? Before that, read this article and decide on how to effectively manage your Gmail storage space.

Step 1: Sign in to your Gmail account

Step 2: If you scroll down, at the bottom left corner of your email list you can see your Gmail storage usage. Click on “Manage” below to that.

Step 3: After clicking it, go to ‘Manage Drive’ page. Now you can see a pie chart about your storage usage and various paid plan details are displayed.

Step 4: Click ‘View details’ at the bottom of the chart.

Step 5: It is also possible to see how much storage capacity Gmail uses in the Google Drive and Photos.

Step 6: Then choose ‘Learn more’.

Step 7: It will take you to the Google Drive page. There are instructions on how to save storage.

Step 8: Go to drive.google.com if there might be too many files in ‘Trash’. Make sure that Trash does not contain any important / required files and click empty trash.

Step 9: Click on the link below the ‘Option 1: Clear Space’ section of the Google Drive and see which file holds more space. Through this you can delete any file you do not need.

Step 10: If your photos have more storage capacity, go to the ‘Learn more about photo storage’ page on the Google Drive page. You can reduce the quality of the photos on the new page.

Step 11: If Gmail’s spam and trash folders are taking too much space, so they should be completely deleted. Then delete unnecessary e-mails often.

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