Top Android Apps to Make Calls Free

Today the Smartphone users are enjoying a lot of free services. Through the help of Smartphones everything is made much fast and easier. It is possible to make free calls with the help of Smartphone apps. Here we are going to discuss about the top 5 Android Apps that helps us to make free calls.


The top Apps to make free calls in Android are,

  • Skype
  • WeChat
  • Nimbuzz
  • Rebtel
  • Viber


Skype is a familiar app that does not need any introduction. Skype is a service provided for the computers to make free video calls. Skype is very popular on computers, now it can be accessed in mobiles through Skype apps. The skype is a user-friendly service; by this the user can call and send messages. The messages can also be sent from phone to computers. This service is absolutely free for the users.

The Skype needs a good internet connection. The preferable one is 3g/4g/Wi-Fi. Some mobiles are also offering the users to make video calls in Skype.


The WeChat App is a newly launched app and it is very pretty. The user can free calls, send text messages, voice, pictures, and many other features. The user can see all those features in the WeChat app. One of the best feature is there is no limitation for making calls in it. So download that for your phone.


The Nimbuzz is the oldest app with great features. This app runs from the java phones to the latest iOS, Android and Blackberry devices. This app provides free calling with HD-voice quality and 3G connectivity.

This app imports the contacts from the social networking sites like Facebook, Yahoo messenger, MySpace and many more. After downloading it, the user has to create an account on it. But this not allows the users to make free calls but allows its users to chat with their Facebook Friends also.


The Rebtel is an interesting app because it allows the users to make international calls and it is absolutely free. This app is more compatible with 3G and CDMA connections also. The users can easily make calls by dialing on its in-built dial pad but the person on the other side should have Rebtel App.


Viber is also the popular app to make free international calls. This app scans the users phonebook and automatically connects with the other users who are using viber app. The best feature of this app is its clear quality to make calls. After downloading it the users can make instant calls and it does not any verification. It takes the mobile number as the user-id.