Maintain your PC Checklist Regularly

Maintain Your PC

You have to Maintain your PC Checklist by regularly that helps your system to run smoother. Below we have given you a monthly PC maintenance list. You can use it to run your PC smoother.

1. Update your Anti-Virus and Malware Definitions:

It’s important to update your antivirus or malware software up to date because it may affect your computer. Many new anti-virus software has a built-in feature that automatically updates. so confirm whether you have updated or not. If not, Find the antivirus symbol at the right bottom corner of your screen. And then right -click on it and click on Check for updates (or just open your anti-virus and click update.

2. Perform a Complete Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware / Spyware Scan:
When was the last time you scanned every file on your PC? If you can’t remember, do it now. Confirm whether your system is free from any trojans, viruses, or any other malware, spyware, keyloggers, ransomware, etc. You could potentially have something lurking on your computer, quietly running in the background. You want to run both your anti-virus like eset and also an anti-malware such as Malwarebytes. (You can even try their free version which is great! for both Mac and PC)

3. Update Windows:
Every Tuesday Windows releases important updates for your PC. These patches used to keep your system up to date and cover up any security holes. To update your windows go to start menu >All programs and then go to windows update.

4. Backup Data:

If you’re not backing up your data daily, at least do a monthly backup. The easier it is to recover from a situation like ransomware or disaster, the happier you’ll be. You’ll want to at least backup all your files to an external hard disk, USB flash drive/ USB hard drive (for free) or to the cloud. For cloud backup, there’s some wonderful software that can perform the automatic backups for you. Backing up your data is probably the most important item on this computer maintenance checklist.

5. Update your Installed Software:
Along with updating Windows, make sure your third-party software is up-to-date. The most important ones you want to check are usually: Java, Flash, and Adobe Reader because they’re the most targeted in cyber attacks. To update these such as Adobe Reader, launch the program > Click on Help.

6. Clean up the Hard Drive:
Your computer will run much smoother and faster simply by running a disk cleanup. Your computer hard drive will ineffectually store data after it reaches a certain point. Soon, a file may get stored in multiple locations on the hard drive. This increases the time it takes for your computer to find or display files. This is why Microsoft includes a defragmenter. This is like going to a mechanic for a tune up and oil change. Your computer has many temporary files that need to be removed along with offline web pages, etc. You will also need to compress any old files. Just like packing away your off -season wardrobe.
You can clean this up simply by going to: Start > All programs > Accessories > System tools > Disk cleanup.

7. Delete and Organize your Files:

You have to Maintain your PC Checklist  by deleting and organizing all your files. If your desktop looks like a mess that means you have saved your documents or images to the desktop without organizing or else you saved them temporarily. So the files might be mixed with your temporary files. It’s not a fun scene when you start up your computer. It’s also time to empty your recycle bin. Just organizing and removing files from your desktop will make it less overwhelming when you’re looking for an email attachment to send or document to open. Just taking the time to organize your documents and files help you save time in the near future.

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