The use of spices and herbs has been astonishingly important throughout history. Before culinary use, there were a lot of spices and herbs that were celebrated for their medicinal properties. Medical science has shown that many of them do carry exceptional benefits related to health. Not only this, using mixed herbs to your favorite dishes can add great flavor without additives or extra calories. One can use it the way they want to, for instance, sprinkle on a sandwich or combine it for a marinade. Mixed herbs work well with many other strong flavors as well like, onion, garlic, mushrooms, or oily fish.

Mixed Herbs

If we talk about mixed herbs, then they are quite popular and a common spice blend that is widely used in all the dishes. The traditional mix comprises marjoram, sage, and thyme. But many also add rosemary and basil to make it a modern blend that provides great and fresh flavor. Using the Best Mixed Herbs to your dishes is a convenient way to add a complex array of flavors.

What are the mixed herbs?

Mixed herbs have been sorted, cleaned, and dried in the sun that more convenient to use and are less expensive than the fresh ones. However, one must keep in mind that after drying, many herbs take on a different flavor and have a more concentrated flavor than fresh herbs. Many make their mixed herbs at home to take ultimate control over the ingredients. There are a lot of stores out there that provide a variety of mixed herbs that offers a convenient and quick way of adding several flavors to your dishes in one go. A mix of marjoram, sage, basil, and thyme is perfect for seasoning.

Culinary uses

Best Mixed Herbs does wonder in flavourful and baked dishes as well as works great for get-togethers and parties. You can use mixed herbs in snacks or dishes like:

  • Used to flavor cheese, corn toast, and omelets
  • Sprinkle over garlic bread and serve with pasta or hot soup
  • One can use them in baked kidney beans with sauces and vegetables
  • Use them ideally in baked vegetables
  • One can combine it with pizza toppings also

Mixed herbs are the best use to boost the flavor of soups, pasta sauces, marinades, salad dressings, and even in some desserts and drinks. Suitable for use as a garnish, they work ideally with vegetables like aubergines, tomatoes, and peppers. Sometimes, before using in your recipes, try crushing the herbs simply by rubbing between your hands and fingers to draw out their full flavor. Add them in your cooking in the last minutes as they are delicately flavored.

Health benefits

Mixed herbs are undoubtedly great for perking up all your dishes. The flavour sensation it provides can add an amazing touch of magic in all your cooked dishes. Also, this mix of herbs offers numerous health benefits that can do wonders to your overall health. They are generally filler-free, additive-free, preservative-free, and contain zero salts.

  • Comprises sage, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, and basil which contains a high level of antioxidants
  • They are rich in minerals and vitamins, and antibiotics, and chlorophyll
  • They have valuable alkaline benefits that fight diseases and promotes weight loss
  • The herbs contain a significant number of flavonoids that acts as an antioxidant to protect LDL cholesterol from being oxidized
  • They strengthen the immune system of the body and also works as a pain reliever
  • If one uses herbs for flavor, then they reduce the need for sugar and salt that eventually lead you towards a great health

Do you know?

Thyme found in the mixed herbs is considered a natural antibiotic to cure and protect you from cold and flu. It contains vitamin A and vitamin C that strengthen the immune system of your body. Along with this, it can protect the human body from viral infections and fungal. Also, rosemary offers numerous health benefits as well. It improves the memory of an individual, promotes hair growth as well as reduces the risk of several cancers like prostate, breast, and skin cancer, and leukemia. Apart from this, it is a widely known herb for providing relief from joint pains and headaches. Since immemorial, these herbs have been used for various health problems as a natural remedy.

Why not try?

To add amazing flavors to your favorite dishes, adding mixed herbs in them can be an ideal choice. They are perfect for pasts, stews, dressings, freshly grilled fishes, and many more dishes. The list is endless. You can sprinkle them into omelets, pasta sauces and even try them over mushrooms to enjoy the best flavor along with amazing health benefits. So, bring a bottle of mixed herbs and enhance the flavor as well as the nutritional value of your favorite food.

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