Transparent LG OLED TV


The OLED technology has initially launched at CES in 2008. The OLED materials are transparent and sure it is possible to fabricate transparent OLEDs. Most of the OLED manufacturers are making transparent OLED TV which is 55’’ in size prototype.

OLED devices enable efficient, thin and bright displays and lighting panels. Currently, the OLEDs are used by different devices such as mobile devices, TV s, lighting fixtures etc. Compared to LCD or Plasma displays, the OLED display offers a better image quality and makes flexible and transparent.

we find  OLED displays everywhere from phones to 70-inch displays and beyond, but they still face many challenges. LCD Screens dominates the market as it is cheaper than  OLED screens. They have continued to get thinner though  making dramatic improvements in picture quality.
At this year’s CES, LG — one of the leading manufacturers of OLED TVs — decided to show that there’s more to the technology than just making flat-panel screens flatter and brighter.

At  this year CES, LG has decided to show there is technology than just making flat panel screens flatter and brighter.(Though it must be point out that one of LG’s new models is no thicker than four credit cards.)
The first of these OLED oddities (above) looked normal enough as it rotated below an overhead mount — until you find it has second screen at its back.


The idea with this two-faced TV is not to provide some sort of commentary on America’s addiction to video. But to allow businesses to set up displays that people on both sides of a room could see. Next, it has shown two radical displays. One is convex and the other is concave; in the middle of the room, all these will be joint into a serpentine wall of video.


This, we told, could have used in public settings — we’re told there’s a tunnel in Seoul lined with these displays — and in stores (presumably the kind in which I can’t afford to buy anything).
After that, we saw an OLED screen you could turn more transparent. Why worry? You can fix wallpaper on TV when you don’t want to watch it being a black rectangle shape. You can also stick a transparent screen on a window.

Finally, LG showed off what at first looked like some sort of ear trumpet (below) — except this cone-shaped thing was another screen. Then a white-gloved rep demonstrated how you could take one of these screens and roll it up as it were thick, glossy paper that happened to be playing video.

Rollable screens aren’t new. Already they are available in e-ink version of one from Philips but not more than 18-inch prototype. The problem of OLED’s is not with the technology itself, but with its price. A 65 inch Ultra HD LCD screen will sell for $4,000. This stands on top-of-the-line. While the OLED with the same screen size and resolution will cost $7,000.


LG’s message on that: Give us time. K.J. Kim, a vice president at LG Displays, said it took the company a few years to get its yield rates (the share of produced panels that meet specifications) on mere high-definition OLEDs up to 80 percent, and it’s now climbing the same hill with Ultra HD screens but at a faster rate.
“By the end of this year… the yield issue will be pretty much gone,” Kim said. He also said the price premium should shrink, at the smaller end of UHD screen sizes first. “Probably by 2018, the mainstream 55-inch area will go below the $2,000 range.”
But in those 3 years, LCD’s could continue to develop their own steady that earlier saw them transferring plasma displays. They had their own picture quality but could not get for cheap as LCD could. And OLED manufacturers still have to address longevity issues.

Kim’s estimate that OLED screens will be good for 30,000 hours of viewing. This works before they’ve lost half their original brightness. Whereas LED-backlit LCDs can last far longer.

OLED looked like great technology in Wednesday’s demo, but “good enough” is a powerful argument in consumer tech. That shouldn’t stop OLED from securing a profitable, high-end niche. But it may suffice to keep it out of your own living room.

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