LG’s Latest Ultra-wide Monitor

LG's Latest Ultra-wide monitor

LG’s 38-inch curved ultrawide monitor visualizes ultra wide images at a resolution of 3840 x 1600 pixels.

LG is going to launch the world’s largest ultra-wide monitor at IFA 2016. The new monitor is 38-inch curved will be one of the three new ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio offerings the company has announced ahead of IFA 2016. Next to the 38-inch curved monitor, LG is also introducing two new ultra-wide 34-inch monitors.

The 38-inch 38UC99 curved ultra-wide monitor is the biggest of the three offering. This comes with support for 4k quality video. The monitor is the first in the world to feature a USB-C port. The monitor body consists of two Bluetooth speakers. The display comes with the wide colour gamut. It’s covering is 99 percent of the sRGB colour space. It also produces ultra wide images at a resolution of 3840 x 1600 pixels. The 38UC99 is a large monitor that comes with a super premium price tag of $1,499. LG says it is ultra-wide 38-inch curved monitor. That is available in mid-September. The flat 34UM79G will cost $699 at launch in October.

LG's latest monitor

LG is going to introduce two new 34-inch ultra wide monitors. One with a flat panel and the other one with a curved panel. The world’s first monitor is the flat model. It supports Google Cast capabilities while the curved model aims at gaming enthusiasts with its 144Hz refresh rate. LG says the crosshair option will help while FPS games. The monitor also adds a crosshair option that adds a target to the center of the screen to increase accuracy.

LG's ultra-wide monitor

The new ultra-wide monitors come with dynamic action sync for the lag free experience. This also includes AMD FreeSync for smoother gameplay.

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