iPhone 7 could come in ‘Space Black’

The one and only one bad rumor of iPhone 7 is that doesn’t get us excited, that’s why this latest one is a welcome tease a truly black iPhone that is coming up next month.

At the iPhone 7 In a series of photos that purport to be an early look, we are shown a handset that is layered as it is called “Space Black.”

iPhone 7 black

By Netherlands-based site Techtastic is surfaced over the weekend, the back case is a much darker version of the Space Gray model of the iPhone, is currently the darkest color available.

Two months ago, other rumor surfaced that Apple offers the smartphone in dark blue hue.

As always the rumors and leaks often well-done case mockups increase in the run-up to a new iPhone release. Just, for now, these are all tantalizing ideas of what the new iPhone colors may look like.

We’ll definitely find out when the Apple officially unveils the latest iteration in September of its smartphone.

Video shows possible new iPhone 7 without headphone jack

Video shows possible new iPhone 7 without headphone jack

As usual, The rumors surrounding the next version of Apple’s iPhone have spanned the possibilities in a wide range. However, we may have something a bit more concrete.

To show the iPhone 7, On Sunday, a video surfaced that purports that are expected released this fall but hasn’t been shown off by Apple.

The new video comes from a Weibo user in China and was posted on YouTube by 9to5Mac.

A video narrated in Chinese shows the supposed new iPhone 7 compared to an iPhone 6s. Depending upon the visuals alone, we see the alleged new iPhone has redesigned a larger camera, antenna lines and most importantly, no headphone jack.

Regarding the possible elimination of a headphone jack, the last detail, has been rumored for months. If this video, turns out to be authentic then shows exactly what handles an iPhone without a headphone jack would look like.

 In addition to this, the larger camera in the video looks like the larger camera frame displayed in other recent supposed iPhone 7 leaks. That consistent detail leads some to assume this indeed the real iPhone 7. In years past, a number of authentic-looking fake leaks are trickled from Chinese social media, so until it’s confirmed it is best for not starting crying about the death of the iPhone headphone jack.

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