Late Night Meals Increases Weight

Late night meals

Many people have the habit of eating late night meals. There may be many reasons to have late night meals like feeling more hunger even after having the meals. Some people get involved in their office or personal work and forget about having dinner at night at that leads to a late night meal. This late night meals will, of course, get you out of the hunger but what about your health.

Do you think late night dinner will make you stay fit and healthy? Never! This could cause many health issues like increase in weight, insulin, cholesterol levels. It is always better to have our last meals before 7 p.m. I’m sure, this could help you stay healthy.

increase cholesterol

We don’t know that eating late at night will have a negative effect on the weight, energy, and the hormone makers. This is linked to cardiovascular problems. Late night meals also promote an increase in glucose and sugar levels in the body. And we know that this will lead to diabetes.

A study is being conducted by Namni Goel, Research Associate Professor, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in the US. It said, “We know from our sleep loss studies that when you’re sleep deprived, it negatively affects weight and metabolism in part due to late night eating. But now these early findings, which control for sleep, give a more comprehensive and a clear picture of the benefits of eating earlier in the day”.

A new experiment finding offers an evidence on the metabolic consequences of consistent delayed eating and daytime eating. The study with 9 healthy weight adults underwent two conditions. One of daytime eating for 8 weeks and delayed eating for 8 weeks. There was a two-week washout period between each condition so as to ignore any carryover effects. From all these, the study says that when people had the late night meals, there was an increase in their weights compared to the daytime ones.

The study even found that the ratio of the carbon dioxide produces and oxygen consumed by the body indicates which micronutrients are being metabolized. The metabolism increased during the late eating conditions.

increase weight

The study also found that eating earlier may help prevent overeating in the evening and at night. And also the late night meals increases the glucose levels, cholesterol along with weight reflecting some severe health issues.

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