Computers are standard equipment for professionals and business people. If you want to equip your home or work office, you need to find the right equipment for your needs. The first thing you have to consider is the type of work you would like to handle with the computer.

Laptop vs. Desktop
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If you’re a designer, think about what you need to look for in your office equipment. Graphic design work is highly demanding; thus, it needs robust equipment. This post looks into what could be the best pick between a laptop and desktop for design work.

Here are the things to consider when choosing between laptops and desktops.


Laptops are more portable than computers. Thus, a laptop is an excellent pick for you if you choose mobility in your day-to-day tasks. If you do not need to stay productive away from the office, a desktop will be a great choice, but your work program may change in the future.

As a designer, the best thing is to go for a premium laptop model with the software and hardware quality you need. A laptop makes it easy to decide whether you work from a specific location or not. On the other hand, a desktop doesn’t give you this freedom; you have to work from home or an office. 


Which is affordable laptop or desktop

If you’re starting your design job, you have to be budget-minded. It is vital to choose an affordable computer before you scale and go for a premium make that’s best for expert professionals. If you’re considering costs, the best option for you will be a desktop as it is relatively cheaper.

It is worth noting that the price of a desktop can be deceiving. Desktops require more than a monitor and CPU to work, and you have to purchase some of the accessories separately. For instance, you need a keyboard, mouse, UPS, etc. Factor in their costs and decide whether a complete desktop is affordable.

The common thought that laptops are expensive also shouldn’t influence your decision. If you’re a newbie, you do not need a top-quality laptop. You can search for the best laptops for graphic designers and choose one that fits your budget because the disparity in performance is lower than you’d think.

Upgrades and expandability

A designer’s work changes from time to time, and so should be the equipment. When choosing a computer, do not forget to focus on how easy it can be to upgrade it should your work scope change in the future. The best way to avoid lagging in the future is to make sure that you upgrade.

Laptops and desktops differ when it comes to upgrades and expandability. Most laptops aren’t upgradable, while desktops are wholly upgradable. You can upgrade almost everything on a desktop, from memory to swapping processors, to make it work better.

Laptop screens can only do so much. When you buy a laptop, you’re stuck with what you have. You can try connecting an external monitor to a laptop, but you may experience some bottleneck when you connect a high-resolution. 

With a desktop, you can upgrade your parts little by little so they can accommodate the best 5k-8k monitors. Still, you’ll be needing a lot of space for your desktop setup since a 5k monitor would take a lot of space.


Another vital thing to remember as a designer, your computer’s performance determines the kind of work you do. Performance determines how long the computer can run and whether it can support design software and programs that will make design work easier for you and your employees if any.

Desktops traditionally come top whenever you’re looking for high performance. If you’re a newbie, a regular laptop’s performance is all you need to get the desired results. A desktop will be ideal if you want more power, work from an office, and comfortably pay higher electricity bills.


Simplicity may look like a minor factor, but it is worth considering if you’re looking for a quality computer. A desktop isn’t as simple to set up and use as a laptop, and that’s one reason why you need to choose a laptop. Desktops come with different components and need installation before you start using them.

Laptops, on the other hand, are simple and do not require any other components. They come with built-in keyboards and trackpads that make them easy to operate. That also makes them portable and also consumes less space on the workstation with no cables hanging around.

Ease of Repairs

Which is easy to repair laptop or desktop

Another essential factor to consider is the repairability of the computer you choose. You do not have to replace your entire computer if one part breaks down. But then, that’s the case if you choose a laptop because failure in one component can affect another and even make your entire system stop working.

Desktops are the best pick for anyone considering the repairability of a computer. You can quickly fix a breakdown in one component if you’re using a desktop. Besides, regular maintenance tasks such as dust removal are easier on desktops than laptops making the former a better pick for a designer.


A designer expert’s workload can be massive, requiring a computer to make it easy to blaze through the workload. In general, desktops offer more power than laptops and will be a perfect fit for you if you’re looking for power and won’t mind sitting in an office for long hours.

You can get a desktop at the same price as a laptop but with more powerful features like RAM and a processor. It is also easy to find desktops fitted with better graphic cards than laptops. That makes it easy to handle highly demanding tasks that require top-quality software and equipment.


Laptops and desktops are all good for any work. But then, a laptop is a better pick for you if you will be working remotely, while a desktop is perfect for an office setup. It would be best if you considered how you would be working before deciding what fits your needs.

If you’re looking for something easy to repair, a desktop could be the ideal option. Desktops are also less susceptible to damage and guarantee higher value for money. It is sturdier and will give you more extended service than a laptop. 

Both options are excellent but then, consider your needs to kit yourself with the best. A perfect computer will make your work easier and efficient.


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