Japan Train Station

Train Station

A Japanese high-school girl waits daily at the Kyu-Shirataki Train Station. This had been for many years on the island of Hokkaido, on her way to class. Trains stop in that station only a few times in a day. One time is to pick up the girl for school and sometimes after the school day is completed.

The sound comes from it, will be as Hayao Miyazaki film. But according to the CCTV News, Japan Railways group that controls the country’s railway network. They kept the station open for years for a good reason even though it is underused.

Kyu-shirataki station and some of the nearby stations Ridership had fallen severely due to the remote location as well as freight service had ended there. But most of the students rely on the train for the journey and their parents are also asked that company to keep the station opened for their children. According to Asahi Shimbun, which is Japan’s leading national newspaper Japan Railways keeps the station in operating up to March, when the financial year ends and until this youngster wants to graduate.

Train Station 3

People are tilting their hats to the Japanese government because they made education a top priority. One commenter wrote on CCTV’s Facebook page “Why should I not want to die for a country like this when the government is ready to go an extra mile just for me.” “This means the government is developing the country in a good way. Every citizen thinks. No child left at the back!”

Others, such as the creator at the back of this youtube video, has struggled for rural Japan railways. With the country’s aging population, record-low birth rate and the threat of losing a third of its population by 2060, Japan faces a number of disasters as well as a surplus of vacant housing and a shrinking workforce. The nation’s railroad system is being hit by these shifts.


Japan’s efficient high-speed rails have sustained to expand the outskirts of the country, providing many of Japan’s older low-tech railways no longer used. For instance, according to Fortune Kyu-Shirataki station, in the town of Engaru in a rural part of Hokkaido, this lost minimum 20 rail lines in the past.

But if this story of a young girl and her special connection to the Kyu-Shirataki  Train Station is any indicator, Japan’s fading rural railroads will be considered for their service to even the most remote parts of the country.

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