Japanese company will pay part of workers salaries in Bitcoin

Paying Employees in Bitcoin

A Japanese company has decided to give salaries for their employees in Bitcoin to gain the greater understanding of the spurious currency. The decision of Japan is surprising, as the RBI(Reserve Bank of India)claims not to make Bitcoin investment in countries like India.

GMO Internet Paying Employees in Bitcoin

The Japanese company GMO Internet, which offers services such as the internet, finance, advertising, and internet infrastructure, has been offered a payout of up to 100,000 yen until February 2018.

Who will get paid in Bitcoin?

Company’s women reporter Harumi Ishihi said that “Company will pay only for employees who are willing to get paid in Bitcoin”. This means that the virtual currency can be understood.

How many employees?

More than 4,000 employees working in the GMO Group are considered to get paid in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Trading

The GMO company has been started its first bitcoin trading and exchanging business at last May. From next year, company planning starts bitcoin mining and plans to introduce the rewards to its employees through Bitcoin.


Over the past few weeks worldwide, Bitcoin has experienced a hefty increase. The value of a bitcoin worth $ 1,000 last January is now worth $ 19,000.

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