How to Setup SIM More Security for iPhone SIM Card

Tips to setup SIM card lockA new security is introduced for locking your iPhone’s SIM card that is if anyone can get into your phone, still they are unable to call, text, or access your data plan. It gives you more security in iPhone.

Locking a phone’s SIM card is a basic security feature on pretty much all phones, including Android ones. It is not a new concept. After you allow it, whenever you use your phone, it asks for a particular SIM PIN every time. Without it, you are unable to make calls, text, SMS, and use the device’s data plan. By using this lock you won’t able to prevent a thief from trade off your old card a new one. But it at least makes them unable to access your data.

By keeping that in mind, we express that even so many users don’t know how to lock their iPhone’s SIM card, so now let me explain how to lock your iPhone’s SIM card.

Open the settings first and tap Phone,

Tips to setup SIM card lockNext to turn access this feature, tap SIM PIN.

Tips to setup SIM card lockTap SIM PIN to activate it.

Tips to setup SIM card lockBefore getting your SIM, mobile carrier sets a default PIN. This will differ by carrier, but it should be 1234 for Sprint and T-Mobile, and try 1111 for AT&T and Verizon. If these codes won’t able to work, you can call your carrier or search in Google. But make sure you don’t try guessing blindly because in three attempts only you will get it right, otherwise your SIM card will be disabled.

Tips to setup SIM card lockYour SIM pin will be active if and only if you enter the correct default PIN. Still you need to change it to your personal PIN, since you clearly don’t want it to be the default.

Tap Change PIN.

Tips to setup SIM card lockFirst, you’ll need to again enter the current PIN, still which should be default. Usually 1111 or 1234. After that you should enter and validate your new PIN.

Tips to setup SIM card lockNext, restart your phone. You should get a prompt noting that your SIM is locked. If you just tap “OK” at this point, your SIM card will be temporarily busy until the device prompts you to unlock it again, for example if you try to call or text someone. Click on “Unlock” will allow you to enter your SIM PIN.

Tips to setup SIM card lockJust keep in your mind, you will get 3 tries to enter the accurate SIM PIN, later than which your SIM will be disabled and you will need to call your carrier for a new one. Confirm you set up a PIN that is easy to remember and difficult to guess.

This is all about how to setup iPhones SIM card lock for more security.

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